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Canada Must Increase Immigration Levels to 1 Million Per Annum, Asserts Top CEO

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Immigrants are in the overall interest of Canada even while the nation would do well to motivate more people from abroad to move to it, or so reportedly believes the CEO of a well-known leading pension fund of the country. But then he is not alone in his observations. Several distinguished Canadian personalities have earlier said the same thing, and this includes the in-office Canada immigration minister.

Coming back to the CEO, no wonder, he has reportedly advocated that the Maple Leaf Country improves its existing levels of immigration by more than 300% over the next few years. He opines that innovation & talent acquisition can play a pivotal role in solve the country’s growth dilemma.

He wrote that the nation requires a vigorous national access-to-talent policy. The government ought to boost immigration. By 2025, 30% of the nationals will be 60 and older even as to lessen the disparity, the country would require boosting immigration for every of the coming 5 years to 1 million persons.

He added that in case the nation focuses the intake on the trained newcomers from the ages of 20 to 39, the same would shift the nation’s general proportion of that band from 25% to 32% of the populace. Minus such a plan, the country could be left with some stark choices: tax augmentations, higher national debt, or shrunk social schemes.

The CEO pointed-out that some individuals could term the plan pretty courageous though improving the nation’s economy via immigration is not a new concept. Between 1901 and 1911, the nation’s population jumped to nearly 7.2 million from 5.4 million, with immigration being decisive and accounting for the whole net swell. That’s a 33% augmentation. By contrast, a target of 1 million persons, for every of the coming five years, is reasonably humble--41 million persons represent a people boost of only 14%.

He further stated that the proposal requires to be phased in watchfully; taking advantage of the nation’s globally accepted due diligence and screening procedures, to suitably align with the nation’s labour requirements. It is essential that Ottawa shifts from an inert intake structure to one where it aggressively hires more individuals who can achieve something and aid boost the nation’s capability for innovation and efficiency. The same comprises fresh science graduates, qualified tradespersons, and investors with the necessary funds.

As mentioned before, John McCallum, the in-office Minister of Immigration has reportedly publically stated his wish to increase the figure of people moving to the nation. It is likely that Ottawa will divulge a fresh immigration plan this September, in which more tangible plans & ideas will reportedly be sketched.


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