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Four Month Long Canada Immigration Strike Ends

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According to certain fresh reports, pouring in straight from Canada, and in the wake of 4 months of continuous & divisive industrial action, a union--representing the country’s immigration & visa authorities, placed at the consular offices & embassies across the globe--has come to a pay agreement with the national government. It (union) has declared that overseas permit employees will presently work to clear a build-up of permit submissions sooner than later.

The said union started a chain of 1-day strikes during the month of June 2013, which, as mentioned before, continued for 4 months. The actions occurred at Canadian permit bureaus across the globe--more so in India, China, Mexico, & the Philippines. The union protested that immigration manpower at the consular offices and consulates were paid less, vis-à-vis comparable workers in Canada.

In response, the Canadian administration reportedly said that the foreign workers were given allowances and they obtained perks which took care of their alleged lower base pay rate even as it declined to accept the union’s demands. The result: the industrial action carried-on into September 2013.

Meanwhile, the nation’s many universities expressed fears that foreign students would fail to spot the starting of the academic year in early September, and the organizers of the Vancouver & Montreal movie festivals issued a warning that global talent might not be in a position to take part.

Immigration Canada Counseled People to File Petitions Online

To tide over the situation, the Canadian immigration department--Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)--counseled the aspirants from abroad to submit a petition online, where feasible, so that their submissions may be dealt with by staff in the Maple Leaf Country.

Majority of the work-associated permits--like permanent resident permits made available through the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), & the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)--are duly processed in nation.

The disagreement afterwards made its way to the Canadian Public Service Labour Relations Board wherein the nation’s Treasury Board president, Tony Clement, carried-out negotiations on the behalf of the national administration. He reportedly said that the administration would not deviate from the standard pact.

Pay Pact backdated to 2011

But, post it was said that Clements had not negotiated in a good faith, he restarted negotiations all over again even as an agreement was reached. The administration gave the union the pay rate that it had originally asked for backdated to 2011. On its part, the union agreed decided to let go the severance pay for the workers, who disappear on their own. As per latest reports, the union members have still to approve the pact. It, however, appears possible as the union president will advise his members to accept the proposal.

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