Canada Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino has announced record-breaking immigration levels in a news release, applicable from 2021 to 2023. With the new immigration targets, Canada aims to increase the influx of skilled and business professionals who can help the Canadian economy recover from the COVID-19, create jobs, drive future growth, and improve living standards.

Below is the new Immigration levels for 2021 to 2023:

  • The year 2021 – 401,000 Newcomers
  • The year 2022 – 411,000 Newcomers
  • The year 2023 – 421,000 Newcomers

In the previous Immigration Levels for 2019 to 2021, Canada announced:

  • The year 2019 – 330,800 Newcomers
  • The year 2020 – 341,000 Newcomers
  • The year 2021 – 350,000 Newcomers

The year 2019 was highly successful in accepting immigrants, and the country invited a total of 341,000 immigrants, which was 10,000 more than the actual target. The pandemic outbreak and travel restrictions marginally halted the Canada Immigration process, despite the immigration office and continued application processing. And, this led to a shortfall in admissions over the last several months. Considering the shortfalls and deficits in the Immigration Target for 2020, Canada is gearing up for a record-breaking acceptance over the next three years. The economic recovery is the primary objective of Govt. It is evident with immigration level for 2021, which previously announced 350,000, and now it's increased to 401,000.

Below are the highlights of the Immigration Minister's announcements:

  • New immigration levels are aimed to increase the Canada PR Visa approvals over the three years to make up the shortfall in 2020.
  • To give more importance to the country's economic growth, around 60% of admissions will be from Economic Class.
  • Addressing the diverse labor and demographic demands across the country, Canada will continue to focus on innovative and community-driven measures.
  • Govt. will enhance the sustainable development and complete digitalization of Canada immigration Offices to improve the efficiency of the processing of upcoming applications.
  • Recently announced additional points under Express Entry for French-speaking candidates will promote Francophone communities' growth throughout the country.
  • With Economic Mobility Pathways Project, Canada commits to approve 500 refugees for the next two years. This program will help the qualified refugees or asylum seekers to apply for Canada permanent residency Visa through the current pathways of economic immigration.

Canadian immigration during and post COVID-19

Despite Ccovid-19, immigration offices are still processing and accepting immigration applications from all around the world. The Govt's need for immigration is recognized for quick economic recovery and fills the labor demand gaps. Another reason is the aging population and low birth rate, which is harming Canada on multi-levels.

  • Canada has one of the world's oldest populations, with around 18% of its population is aged 65 or above.
  • And it also has one of the world's lowest birth rates at 1.47 births per woman.

Canada Govt. and the people believe that they can address these demographic challenges by welcoming more immigrants.

Canada enjoys more generous public support and appreciation for the immigration influx, which has increased throughout the pandemic. The majority of the people say that immigration makes Canada a better country in diversity and multiculturalism for all the communities. Many studies found that Canadians generally acknowledge immigration as a great contributor to long-term economic recovery.

With the people's support and favorable immigration policies, the New Immigration Levels Plan will further strengthen the country's outlook of "World's Top Destinations for Skilled & Business Talents."

Canada Immigration will accept a record-breaking level of immigrants over the next three years and provide you a golden opportunity for permanent settlement with your family. For more information and the right Immigration solutions, reach us @ 8595338595, or you may write to us at [email protected].

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