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India reacts strongly to British Immigration`s permit security bonds

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The recent proclamation by the British Home Secretary that London intends to bring-in `security bonds` for some travelers, allegedly with a view to make certain that permit holders leave the country when their permits runs-out, seems to have not gone down well with the affected countries, for clear reasons.

As per certain reports, India & Nigeria have reacted furiously with India warning that there could be serious trade-related repercussions. Not to be left behind, Nigeria has allegedly declared that the move may put-off its bilateral trade deal with Britain, adding the development would positively go against the proposed bilateral trade agreement between Nigeria & the UK which is presently planned for the next year, i.e., 2014. It`s alleged that the scheme is highly prejudiced and against the interests of the non-white countries even as New Delhi--as mentioned before--is also very perturbed about the move.

Reportedly, Theresa May, the UK Home Secretary, was preparing to bring-in the security bonds for the guests from 6 nations regarded to be high risk by London even as the nations in question include--apart from India & Nigeria--Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, & Ghana.

Allegedly, thanks to the proposal, some travelers from the mentioned nations would have to cough-up a security bond of 3,000 British Pounds at the time of pocketing their permits. The amount would be given back if the permit holder departs from the nation when his visa loses its validity. However, the visa holder would be deprived of the money in a situation wherein he overstays.

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