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British Home Office against Immigration Blacklist Disclosure

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Some reports reveal that the British Home Office would submit a petition challenging a pronouncement of the UK Information Commissioner which necessitates it (Home Office) to furnish an immigration blacklist of the 44 nations to an activist (immigration rights). People from the nations on the list face additional immigration checks, even while they have to proffer extra proof in view of widespread cases of immigration scam reported from the petitioners from such countries.

Reportedly, a protester has sought the disclosure of the list claiming it is essentially unjust that some individuals should be discriminated only because they may have arrived from a `blacklisted` nation. He has submitted a `freedom of information (FOI) request` before the administration even as it is required to offer the facts sought until and unless there are some very strong reasons for not divulging the same (information).

London has opposed the FOI request saying that, in case it goes public with the list, it runs inviting the anger of the nations listed on it. The government also fears that such a move could invite corrective action against the UK visitors. The development could also not do any good to the diplomatic ties between Great Britain & the nations listed, claims the administration. London argues that the same could also go against the overall interests of the British economy, and the nation may lose some of the business contracts that it has with the administrations and firms of the listed countries.

For a nation to be put on the said list there should be 150 irregular petitions made during the earlier 3 months, and the same should comprise more than 5% of the total petitions submitted from that nation. Currently, as many as 44 nations find mention on the list in question. It is said that the countries from the Indian sub-continent & the Gulf States constitute the core of the list. Since the list is proof-based, the same is not regarded to be unfair or biased.

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