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British Domestic Worker Visa Rule Behind Foreign Maid Exploitation Rise

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In what could be called a rather major development, a just published administration evaluation of the UK Domestic Worker Visas--duly commissioned in the month of March, last year--has revealed appalling cases of human smuggling, slavery and mistreatment.

It is claimed that such cases have surfaced, thanks to tougher UK immigration curbs. The UK Home Office reportedly appealed the independent appraisal to probe the condition of the Domestic Worker Visa Scheme.

For those not tuned in, those Domestic Worker Visa holders--who go with their recruiter/job-provider to Britain lawfully--are bound to that employer, and without authorization, they cannot change jobs while they are in the nation.

The visa, which witnessed big amendments way back during 2012, has invited a volley of disapproval--targeted at the UK Home Office-- for putting employees in a state where they are powerless to run away from cruel recruiters/firms.

As per the person behind of the report, his assessment found no evidence whatsoever that a tie to a solo recruiter does anything other than raise the danger of maltreatment and so boosts real ill-treatment.

UK Immigration Domestic Worker Visa Figures

The UK officials issued roughly 17,000 Overseas Domestic Worker Visas in 2015 even as most of which were for domestic workers landing in the country from the Gulf States of Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, etc. As much as 50% of the total volume of the petitions submitted for Domestic Worker Visa was made by families from the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Cases of Exploitation of Domestic Manpower

A chain of interviews--conducted as part of Ewins review—reportedly unearthed that domestic workers feared they would face exile or arrest in case they were to report cases of ill-treatment. According to a domestic worker from Philippines who was interviewed, her recruiter made her go several days minus food and stopped her from snoozing.

At present, she is fighting to stay in the nation having been positively categorized as a casualty of trafficking. But, upon speaking to the Filipino embassy to inform them that her recruiter was ill-treating ing her, she was informed that under the terms & conditions of the Domestic Worker Visa she had no option except to go back to Saudi Arabia with him.

Hardly any of the women interviewed were informed of the rights they were entitled to under the UK law. They had not seen a agreement of employment before a UK Visa petition, which forms part of the requirements to get a Domestic Worker Visa. Several stated they had been forced into putting their signature on visa forms, minus any idea of what they were really signing.

As per a critic, from the time the visa became effective in 2012, the British administration has invited extensive criticism of the conditions it is imposing on a large number of weak women moving with foreign recruiters into Britain, over and over again with little or no choice, who are offered no security or agency when they are in the UK.

Other campaigners reportedly assert that the release of the evaluation makes it nearly impossible for London to dismiss the notion that visa checks put on domestic labor force make exploitation more likely. Still, the government insists that the laws involving Domestic Work Visas are in place to stop workers switching jobs as pretence for staying in the nation.

Domestic Worker Visa Appraisal Proposals

In the meantime, e said review reportedly advocates that domestic manpower ought to be given the right to switch recruiters and stay in the nation for not more than two-and-half years before going back home. The same also urges the regime to start amassing statistics on the figure of women reporting offensive working conditions post admission to Britain.

In reply to the independent review, a Home Office spokesman has reportedly stated that the administration is dedicated to preventing new slavery in all its kinds.


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