British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program announces nomination to a total of 302 eligible skilled professionals, Semi-skilled professionals and International Graduates. BC PNP periodically invite highest scoring candidates that will award them additional Comprehensive Ranking System score of 600. This will further enable them to attain Canadian Permanent Residency.

Below is the points score under the BC PNP under the latest Express Entry system draw:

  • Minimum selection points for Candidates under SI - Skilled Worker - 96
  • Minimum selection points for candidates under SI - International Graduate - 98
  • Minimum selection points for SI – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled - 76
  • Minimum selection points for EEBC - Skilled Worker - 96
  • Minimum selection points for EEBC - International Graduate - 98

Looking at the previous draw, we can see an evident dip in the selection points for all the categories which means more professionals are considered for British Columbia. With regular updates and draws, one thing is clear, British Columbia will need more skilled professionals and graduates to drive the economy of the province.

Changes in the BC PNP Fees:

With effect from Aug 6th 2020, BC Provincial Nominee Program has increased their fees for Skills Immigration (SI) applications which is now CAD 1150 (previously, it was CAD 700). They have also increased new fee for a request for review which is CAD 500 (previously, it was CAD 200).

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