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Australian Govt Abandons 457 Visa Plan

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According to a new report, a federal proposal to enable firms/groups to import specialist employees, for a maximum period of 1 year, minus obtaining a 457 Visa, has been ditched as the administration focuses on additional available choices to revamp skilled migration visas, to improve competitiveness.

The improvements from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) are presently centred on a new easy arrangement that deregulates visa conditions, makes the process for applying for visas better, and cuts down overlapping visa corridors.

However, a notorious “short-term mobility visa”—reportedly flagged in a December 2014 Immigration Department proposal paper--is not on the cards any more.

Unions had aired their reservations against the visa, fearing the same cut protections for employees and enable recruiters/firms to evade labour market testing & English language skill conditions. Business groups had hailed the proposal as permitting them to keep away from bottlenecks in receiving visas. Still, department officials are focused on restructurings to make the framework for obtaining the visas simpler.

Meanwhile, sharing relevant information on the issue, Peter Dutton, the in-office Immigration Minister, has reportedly stated that his department had done a major amount of discussion on coming up with options to change the skilled visa arrangement, to guarantee that the same is best placed to support the nation’s economic future.

He candidly pointed-out that the administration realizes that the present skilled migration & temporary activity visa schemes are fairly tricky to plot a course through. He stated that the government is fully committed to smarter rule in this region, improving reliability in the Australian visa schemes, and increasing the contribution of skilled movement to the nation’s economy & output.

Allegedly, the DIBP has informed a Productivity Commission probe into migration that the same was working on “significant” change of the skilled migration and temporary activity visas that are likely to make the nation’s competitiveness, and its capability to draw extremely trained migrants, better.

The latest framework comprises visa access for entrepreneurs--a move in tune with a pledge of an innovation boom, via a $1 billion blueprint that pushes decidedly skilled labor force to make a trip to Oz. The same will also target graduates in domains where a future requirement for manpower has been recognized and make the procedures for firms/groups sponsoring employees simpler.

Allegedly, in a written submission, the department has informed the Productivity Commission that together, these restructurings will increase the attractiveness of each visa inside the framework, and it, in turn; augment the country’s capacity to draw highly skilled aliens.

The reorganizations are projected to be executed in three stages from the month of July, this year. Though the assessment began in September 2014, the immigration minister reportedly stated that at this stage no ultimate decision has been duly made on the visa system & settings that would be implemented.


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