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Australia Warns Students Over Immigration Scam

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Employing dishonest means to exploit a system or arrangement may fetch money in the short term but in the long term it may prove pretty costly for those gaining unfairly. Perhaps this is why, as per a report--global students planning to migrate to Australia, to pursue studies--are being reminded to certify that they obtain the correct visa from the correct source.

Such people are being reminded to be wide awake, and be on their guard against those who are not duly registered migration professionals providing services related to their visa for a charge, and to be aware of the laws in case they want to do a job even as they study in the nation.

Those who are already physically present in the country, and are keen to find a job there in post graduating, are also being accordingly told to be alert, and not fall a prey to those asserting they can assist them for a cost, via providing bogus references.

Individuals are also being warned that in case they are found involved in this type of scam, their visa could be snatched, and they could be even exiled and not permitted to return to Oz for some substantial time.

The warning arrives post a woman from Melbourne was reportedly sent behind the bars for a period of one-and-a-half year, for alleged visa scam. She was part of a crowd of individuals charged with proffering students, on temporary visas, with fake work references for a cost, to shore-up their petitions, for a Permanent Skilled Migration Visa.

In the wake of a probe by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), she was charged with one count of deceitfully manipulating a Commonwealth Official, contrary to section 135.4 (7) of the Criminal Code.

Sharing information on the subject, Anthony Seebach--the Australian Border Force Commander Immigration and Customs Enforcement--reportedly stated that the probe found out that the bogus work references had been presented as component of Trades Recognition Australia assessments for over 100 Skilled Visa petitions.

Seebach stated that the Australian Border Force--the operational enforcement body of the DIBP--aggressively investigates and acts against those who take advantage of the immigration arrangement. This kind of deceit is not just immoral, it’s inequitable. The same offers some individuals a lead in the visa application procedure, vis-à-vis others who follow the law, he alleged.

He warned that the government has a zero tolerance against those who engage in this kind of fraud against the Commonwealth. Not only their visa will be refused, but they will be subject to an exclusion period checking them from coming back to Down Under.

The Australian Border Force works rather directly with other bodies of the administration--both federal & state--to spot likely cases of scam against the Commonwealth, he further stated.


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