Good news for those wanting to travel to Australia. After a hiatus of two years, Australia has finally open their gates to fully vaccinated tourists. The overseas border for Australia will be reopened from 21st February to all those who have their have taken their vaccines and are allowed to travel.

This big announcement was made on Monday by the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison which would be inclusive of all overseas visitors comprising of tourists, would be permitted to come back to the nation in two weeks.

Mr Morrison addressed the reporters by stating that “Welcoming the world back. I think that's another important milestone that Australia is achieving,” This decision means that there will be yet another relaxation after the strict COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed by Australian immigration authorities.

Since December last year, travel restrictions were relaxed for overseas students, working holidaymaker visa holders as well as skilled migrants. But prior to when they enter Australia, these visitors will need to mandatorily show proof of two vaccine doses or a valid medical reason as to why they could not be vaccinated.

This has been come to the fore due to added pressures from the tourism sector on the overseas re-opening of these borders. Tourism & Transport Forum CEO Margy Osmand was quoted as saying "We're thrilled now have a date that we can give to the rest of the world and say we're open for business and we'd love to see you.

There will be some issues around the technicalities of this. There's work to be done. It's not as simple as just turning on the tap." According to her they are creating marketing campaigns for people to come and visit Australia.

This move has also been duly welcomed by The Business Council of Australia (BCA). Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott stated that “This move brings to an end 'fortress Australia'. This is the light at the end of the tunnel that small business, tourism operators and the events industry was desperate to see." Despite this, the State-based quarantine rules will be in action  as per every jurisdiction.For morre information about Australia immigration news you can contact our immigration experts at 8595338595 or [email protected]

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