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Australia to introduce quicker online visa petition procedure: report

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Certain new reports suggest that Canberra has proclaimed starting quicker & online processing of the permit petitions for Australia immigration that becomes effective from 2013. It is being done to draw affluent overseas travelers from the Asian region to the shores of Down Under. According to the nation`s immigration minister, the move will significantly simplify & make the submission procedure for Australian visas not only easier but swifter as well.

The development presents a wonderful opportunity and it must be used those people who could be keen to enjoy the stunning surroundings of amazing beauty, known as Australia. The aim of this latest change to Australian immigration procedure is to draw more and more people from Asian--more so from China, to arrive on the soils of Down Under.

The credit for simplified and quicker online Australian permits should go to a famous billionaire who reportedly has been asking Canberra to help speed-up the submission procedure for the Australian tourist permits for the Chinese applicants. The overseas travelers from across the globe just require going online to file a petition for an Australian tourist permit. The said plan of the permits is reportedly being launched during the coming 2 years.

Over 50% of the travelers from abroad arriving in Australia happen to be from the Asian region even while the move to fast-track the visa procedure of Australia-- together with the launch of the online Australian permits--is a correct step for the country, claims Chris Bowen, the said immigration minister.

Extended validity Australian permits, multiple admission permits in the pipeline

Here is yet wonderful news for the candidates of the Australian permits! Canberra intends to come-up with multiple admission permits before long for the travelers believed to pose comparatively low risk to the country.

Apart from this, certain other proposals exist for having Australian permits with extended validity periods to assist the holders of the permits from the trouble of having to accordingly file a petition for the renewal of visa.

According to the minister in question, the procedure of online and fast-track Australian tourist permits will reorganize the procedure and also boost visitor experiences in the Kangaroo Land. The said move will also make the appeal of the concept of tourism investment in the nation more accepted.

Enhanced tourism signifies extra profits for national companies

Firms in Australia will make handsome money-- thanks to the increased arrival of the travelers from abroad to the shores of Down Under. Bowen continues that tourism has turned-out to be a national investment. A visitor from China is believed to spend over $7,000 for every visit. Hence, the national economy will get more overseas profits from the visit and the stay of additional travelers from abroad.

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