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Australia To Simplify Student Visa Process

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Global students are often regarded as very important guests even as all leading education destinations leave no stone unturned to woo them via simplifying the student visa process of their respective visa systems and introducing fewer formalities. Leading the pack of such education hubs is Australia.

According to a report, under a chain of improvements made public by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the figure of the student visa kinds, accessible for international candidates studying in the country, will be cut down to two from eight as from July this year. The latest simplified international student visa programme will have these visa categories, namely, Subclass 500 (Student) and Subclass 590 (Student Guardian).

The procedure of submitting a petition for a Student Visa will also be made a lot easier with fewer formalities and a level playing field for every education provider, besides a more targeted approach to immigration truthfulness.

As per Universities Australia, the simplified international student visa structure will support a more equitable arrangement where high quality and low risk providers can thrive, and in the process, augment the competitiveness of global higher education.

The body’s deputy chief executive reportedly stated that the streamlined visa processing (SVP) reveals to the world that Oz is focused on giving a red-carpet welcome to high quality, real students.

The Universities Australia Chief Executive elucidated that the SVP enables universities to compete globally for the finest students unconstrained by lengthy visa processes, and introduces processes that make outcomes for student retention and completion better.

She added that the latest simplified student visa process will improve equity and support a situation where high quality and low risk providers can thrive. The organization offers support to a risk managed approach to the student visa programme that rewards low risk providers with access to simpler visa procedures for their students.

Allegedly, Universities Australia has worked with the DIBP on the completion of the new programme even as it is crucial that universities are not punished for functioning in fresh markets where immigration dangers are not much known, particularly given the goals for greater diversity delineated in the Draft National Strategy for International Education.

She added that getting the particulars right in this fundamentally noteworthy international education field is essential, eventually producing more benefits for universities, their students & Down Under.

Meanwhile, another concerned person has also reportedly hailed the change. He indicated that the present structure is so difficult that colleges taking part education fairs end up spending 50% of their time making clear the visa arrangement in place of talking about the quality of education provided in the country.

Echoing a similar sentiment, yet another concerned person reportedly stated that the reorganized arrangement will make it rather easier for authentic students to submit an application for a visa to enroll for different study courses in the nation with high quality education providers.

Praising the change yet another involved person reportedly proclaimed that hopefully the same will also make the overall quality of what is proffered to foreign students better.


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