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Australia Must Become Ingenious to Manage Future Visa Demand, Says DIBP Head

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Given the rapidly changing global situation and the mass movement of people from one corner of the world to another, especially the skilled migrants, there is a pressing need of important visa and immigration improvements, on the part of Australia, to fruitfully deal with the situation, it is claimed, rightfully so.  

A fresh era of mass mobility transient migration and cross border visitation is surfacing even while the nation endeavors to be at the front to manage the latest methods of operating visa schemes more professionally.

As per the incumbent secretary of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the different agencies of administration will require coming up with the latest forms of operating in this emergent atmosphere, and these modes ought to be informed by the finest in policy research & thinking.

It will be vital for the DIBP to operate more like other big scale, high volume endeavors, dealing with masses of statistics, processing transactions quickly, and employing highly developed systems and tools to find-out and handle risk.

He also pointed-out that the country’s migration framework of laws, rules, processes and systems has to support Oz’s economic growth and reform programme, particularly as it involves making certain ready access to internationally competitive markets for skills and labour, tourists and, certainly, students.

The DIBP secretary elucidated that there should be no doubts that migration contributes absolutely to labour market flexibility in Down Under, via helping fulfill an increasing demand for skills; boosts productivity; and assists to offset an ageing populace.

There will always be a demand of a permanent migration programme in the nation since it is decisive for its long term economic affluence & demographic health. But, in recent times, one has seen various types of migration emerge, since the nation has come to be thankful for the national benefits of short term visitation and provisional movement, for going to places of interest, work and study objects. These global guests together make a sizeable contribution to the Australian national economy, he continued.

For the duration of 2014-2015, for example, the Australian government gave over 700,000 Temporary Resident Visas, mostly to students, Working Holiday Makers and temporary visitors who were given invites to arrive in the country because of the skills that they transport.

All of these visa classes--together with the special category visa which enables the nationals of New Zealand to arrive and depart--have different work rights, and inside a labour market of roughly 12.5 million, that is a major contribution.

Australia’s social diversity and its huge success, as a country of migrants, has laid the basis of its national stance as a self-assured, outward looking and internationally engaged nation. Down Under nurtures vigorous social involvement & shared national ethos, while being equally respectful and tolerant of its diverse identities.

Long may the nationals revere one another in spite of their cultural, racial, religious or other differences, and long may all take part fairly in the Australian society, with a full approval of the rights and accountabilities that arrive with membership of that way of life, he prayed.


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