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Against the backdrop of the fact that at present it is mandatory for every application, presented for Student Visas for Australia, to be made online, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Control has reportedly issued some instructions to keep the petitions on track.

Since the month of July those submitting petition for a visa, to study in the nation, can utilize a document checklist toll given on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website, to duly check the different kinds of certificates/papers they require for their visa petition.

They are also required making certain that they have electronic, typically scanned, editions of the papers even as a spokesperson from the DIBP reportedly stated it is paramount to complete the needed health examinations prior to presenting a visa application.

He elucidated that in case one completes his health examinations--post he has presented his visa petition--he may end up delaying the processing time. He added that there is a requirement of a passport even as the candidates also require knowing which specific visa subcategory they are submitting an application for.

However, the figure has presently been reduced to only two, namely, Student 500 and Student Guardian 590. And after the online petition has been started, it is possible for the candidates to save their details at any given period of time, and it does not require to be duly concluded in one trip.

There are also diverse necessities depending on whether a person is inside or outside Down Under. For instance, it is compulsory for the candidates, from outside Australia, to include a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) number in their visa application, unless they happen to be either a secondary exchange student or a foreign affairs or defence sponsored student.

Those who are submitting an application in Oz can either take in the particulars of a CoE, or affix a letter of offer. In case one offers the particulars of a CoE in his petition, it is essential that he does not attach or furnish the particulars of a Letter of Offer for the identical course.

The spokesperson further said that candidates would do well to certify that they know the particulars of their health insurance, prior to starting the application procedure.

One will have to enter the start and also the last date of his policy. It is mandatory that the policy starts by the time the person aims to move to the nation, normally not less than a week prior to his course commencement date. In case one’s policy begins on the same day as his course starts, the DIBP will ask the person to get additional cover that starts when the person aims to move to Down Under.

The spokesperson added that in case one has gained admission into Oz--minus Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)--he will be in the violation of his visa terms & conditions. It is vital that his OSHC comes to an end when he wishes to leave the Kangaroo Land. A visa will not be offered for longer than the person’s OSHC.

Candidates also require getting ready a statement about why they want to study in the nation in the English language of a maximum of 2,000 words. The subject matter can comprise why a specific university provides the finest course, how it could assist get employment outside of Oz, inducements to return home post graduation, and also the work planned later on.

Prior to submitting one’s application, it is decisive to make certain that every question is complete, and any applicable certificate/papers that are included in the checklist are accordingly attached. Incomplete petitions could lead to either holdups or visa denial, the spokesperson indicated.

The aspirants should not forget to lodge their applications sooner than later even as the chances of 100% complete petitions being processed faster are higher. Even as the DIBP aims to process a good figure of petitions inside a period of one month, some petitions will take longer, the spokesperson added.


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