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Are You A Cook / Chef & Keen On Immigrating Overseas?

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Are you a qualified cook, or a chef, or maybe a baker, and interested in immigrating to Canada or Australia or New Zealand and settling down in any of these countries permanently?  If the answer is YES, then there is some really very good news you can use! Presently, these nations are facing a huge shortage of qualified cooks, chefs and bakers. No wonder, these professionals are much in demand in these countries, and they are prominently being mentioned in the list of in-demand professionals by these countries.

Those who happen to be cooks, bakers and chefs are given preference and their applications, for immigration under the skilled workers category,  are fast-tracked by these countries. These professionals are absorbed at several places with hotels, eateries, hospitals and educational centres being just a few of them.

Canada especially has come out with a new and interesting system of application processing under which the applications of such professionals are fast-tracked, and they (these professionals) get Permanent Residency status rather quickly, just anywhere between 6 and 12 months.

Not to be left behind, Australia, too, has come out with some rather tempting immigration schemes for cooks and chefs even while the immigration body of the country has significantly improved its immigration system to accommodate them to cover its huge shortage of such skilled people. Much similarly, New Zealand also has been giving preferential treatment to the overseas cooks, chefs and bakers. And presently it has several vacancies for them. These professionals stand a very good chance of immigrating to the country and getting work there under its famous skilled migrant category.

Governments across the world are changing their long term requirements in the labor market. They prefer immigrants to fulfill their labor market shortages rather than issue short term work permits or work visas. A trade professional makes a long term commitment to the country when he decides to immigrate. Whether or not and WHEN you will get a work permit cannot be predicted with certainty. It is well known that well qualified professionals wait for years for a work permit to materialize.

Even when one gets a work permit or work visa, he/she has to come back to India after the contract period is over. Also, while being on work permit one does not get benefits for self and family - which other residents and citizens of the destined country get usually. Often one cannot even take family along. If you immigrate, then all benefits of a resident or citizen comes your way as well AND you also do not need to worry about the expiry of work permit. You can make a developed country your home!

ABHINAV, pioneer of immigration consultancy in India and in business since 1994, will be more than happy to guide and assess your profile for worldwide immigration options. Coming back to the issue of acute shortage of skilled chefs, cooks and bakers in Australia and Canada, mail your resume to or just call one of our nearest offices for immediate and prompt action. Visit to know all that you need to know about worldwide immigration options!

Cheers to a great future!

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