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Applying for Canadian Citizenship to Become Easier & Swifter

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Are you interested in obtaining the citizenship of Canada? If yes, this news report will make you happy. Thanks to a bill passed recently by the Canadian Senate, very soon it will become a lot easier and speedier to successfully apply for the Canadian Citizenship.

Yes, the Canadian Senate--with some changes--has reportedly passed the bill to amend the nation’s citizenship. This brings the legislation closer than before to finally turning into law.

Courtesy the C-6 Bill, immigrants to the hotspot would be enabled to submit an application for the prized citizenship earlier and more effortlessly than what has been the case hitherto.

Now the senators in Ottawa have asked their associates in the House of Commons to appraise the bill, comprising the improvements added by the Senate,post the House of Commons draft bill had previously passed it in the month of June during the year gone by. It is mandatory that the bill gets royal assent,prior to becoming law.

For those not tuned in, C-6 cuts down the volume of time the permanent residents have to stay in the nation to become qualified to present a petition for citizenship--from four out of the six years to just three out of five years.

What’s more: the candidates who spent time in the Maple Leaf Country on impermanent position--such as on a work or study permit--would be in a position to count a share of the time towards the three-year condition.

The bill does away with the commitment to offer provision, even while an augmented figure of the aspirants would be given relaxation from the language ability conditions. The bill,given a green signal by the House of Commons during year gone by,put an age range of 18 to 54 for the language testing, only to be changed to 18 to 60 in the Senate,in the wake of a change tabled.

While it was being read in the Senate, the Senators reportedly passed many other improvements to the bill, and among these were a provision necessitating the Immigration Minister to update those who have their citizenship cancelled,due to scam or falsification, that all is not lost, and they have the power to appeal the decision in the Federal Court.

Since C-24 became effective,the affected people have roughly two months or 60 days to reply, in writing,post being educated that their citizenship will be cancelled.

Relief for Minors

A different amendment would reportedly enable the minors to present an application for citizenship,minus any kind of help from their parents. Under the present laws, parents &kids are treated as one single unit while submitting an application. In case the parent’s citizenship petition does not get a positive response, the kids or child,made a part of the file,will fail to obtain citizenship either. In such a case, the child has to cool his heels until he turns 18 to submit a new petition.


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