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Amendments to Canada Study Permit Rules Aim to Offset System Misuse

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In what may be called a very important development, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has reportedly updated the terms &conditions for offering a Study Permit to a student, who has to duly complete a prerequisite scheme, prior starting a second plan in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

For a candidate--keen to enroll for a study course in the Maple Leaf Country--it is compulsory that he first gets a letter of acceptance to a DLI, prior to he submits an application for a Study Permit. In some specific situations, the letter of acceptance is conditional on the applicant completing a prerequisite course, like a language course, which he has to successfully conclude, prior to starting his primary study scheme.
Before the update, students in this specific state obtained a long-term Study Permit covering the period of both the prerequisite course and the chief study scheme, apart from an added 90 days. Besides, even as study permits typically designate one DLI which the student has to attend, hitherto the long-term study permits in question listed two DLIs.

Responding to the widespread fears that some students could exploit the extended permit, to pursue employment instead of studies, the IRCC has reportedly proclaimed that it will not any longer proffer Study Permits covering the two separate schemes of study at two separate DLIs. 

At present, in case a student fails to go on with his second study plan, post successfully completing the requirements, he still holds a legally valid Study Permit which enables the holder to do a job for a maximum of 20 every week during the semester, and full-time through the holidays. The same is still applicable even in the situation that the student fails to complete the essential course.
As per the IRCC, some immigration officials are worried that some students are exploiting the circumstance to do a job in the country, minus at the same time pursuing studies, as is needed to act in accordance with the terms &conditions of the Study Permit.

Since 2014, Immigration Canada has stated that it is compulsory for a student to actively pursue his studies with a view to continue legitimate standing as a student in the nation. A student is believed to be enthusiastically involved with his studies in case he is registered at a DLI, and making good advancement with the courses. 

Apart from this, it is also mandatory that a student be suitably registered full-time to be qualified to offer his professional services off-campus. In case a global student does not keep the IRCC informed when he stops his plan of study, the immigration body reserves the right to annul the Study Permit. The IRCC keeps an eye on the compliance to this directive, via collecting facts from the DLIs related to their students attending with Study Permits.

The latest process will necessitate international students--who want to enroll for a study scheme in the country, post a prerequisite plan--to re-apply for a new Study Permit after he has fruitfully completed the prerequisite course. 

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