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1000s of Indians Overstayed in US Last Year, Claims US Body

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Much like the nationals of many other nations--especially the Muslim ones; for instance, Pakistan and Iraq--several nationals of India have been allegedly overstaying their legally offered visa in the US only to be later found by the concerned US organizations, and authorities and asked to leave the nation.
The news comes at a time when the world is battling the looming threat of the dreaded Islamic outfit, the Islamic State (IS). As per the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), more than 14,000 of the 8.8 lakh Indians--who took a trip to the US on either Business or Visitor Visa last year— outstayed their welcome in the nation.

The statistics state that 14,348 Indians overstayed in the country during the year gone by. In 2014, of the 7.6 lakhs people from India--who were thought to exit the nation, prior to the ending of their B1-B-2 Visas--as many as 11,653 of them stayed too long in the country.

For those not tuned in, overstaying is basically a term which signifies a non-immigrant, who was legally admitted to the US, or for that matter any other immigration destination, for a sanctioned time, stayed or keeps on being in the nation, past his legal admission time.

As per the “Entry/Exit Overstay Report “made available by the DHS, in the FY 2015, of the almost 45 million non-immigrant visitor entrances, via air or sea ports of entry—who were anticipated to leave the nation’s shores in 2015--527,127 people outstayed their welcome, for a combined total rate of the overstay of 1.17%, to put it in a different way, 98.83% had left the US well on time and followed the terms and conditions of their admission.

Significantly, the report does not comprise either the students on the F-1 Visa or those who landed on Work Visas, such as the H-1B, for instance.

In a statement, the DHS stated that the report breaks the rates of overstay down further to proffer a superior image of those overstays who keep on being in the nation past their period of entrance, and for whom the CBP lacks any proof of either an exit or transition to a new immigration position or ranking.

At the end of the FY 2015, the overall Suspected In-Country Overstay number stood at 482,781 individuals, or 1.07%.

Thanks to more continuing exits by individuals in this populace, by January 4, 2016, the figure of the Suspected In-Country overstays for the FY 2015 had headed south to 416,500, in the process, delivering the Suspected In-Country Overstay rate as 0.9%.

As per the DHS, many nations with suspected or alleged links to terror campaigns and terrorism had noteworthy figures of individuals still present in the country accounted for by the US federal administration.


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