Much like other Canadian provinces and territories, the province of New Brunswick has its own particular provincial Nominee Programme and it is called the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programme (NBPNP). Via the scheme, the potential immigrants having the expertise and experience, required by NB, may get a New Brunswick provincial nomination certificate. And with this nomination, the overseas people may then submit an application for Permanent Residence (PR) in the Maple Leaf Country.

NBPNP Immigration Categories

Apart from the usual stream for the business applicants, the NBPNP has these 3 classes:

  1. Express Entry Labour Market Stream (EELMS)
  2. Skilled Workers with Employer Support
  3. Skilled Workers with Family Support


It is basically a new and enhanced stream that permits the PNP to utilize the federal Express Entry selection structure to target the possible immigrants.

With a view to be considered, it is mandatory for the applicants to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) and send it across to the NBPNP, which admits forms through the initial 15 days of every month. Those who are interested will get a score on the basis of the details they offer to the PNP, and will afterwards be judged based on many issues.

The EELMS enables the NBPNP to employ the federal Express Entry immigration selection structure to fulfill the region’s particular labour market and demographic requirements. The EELMS acts on an Expression of Interest (EOI) model, and as per it the qualified aspirants, interested in residing in the province, must first gin entry into a pool of applicants. The concerned officials from the NBPNP will then send invites to the highest-ranked aspirants to submit an application for an enhanced provincial nomination.

Note: the province is only admitting the EOI for the EELMS from those presently doing a job in the region. From September 2017, the EELMS has been admitting petitions for an impermanent time-frame from the qualified aspirants in the pool who had employment experience in an entitled line-of-work and had attended an information meeting hosted by the immigration officials of NB.


This specific class enables the overseas movement for the employees who have obtained a full-time, genuine, permanent offer of job from a local New Brunswick recruiter/firm. To make the cut under the class the applicants must be from 22 to 55 years old; possess adequate English or French skills to fulfill the employment duties; possess the education, qualifications, and/or authorizations and endorsements required to do the job in the province; validate the objective to reside and do a job in the province; and get not less than 50 points on a selection grid.

As far as the recruiters/firms are concerned, it is required that they prove that they failed to draft a person with citizenship or PR rights for the job offered; the work will offer a similar industry rate of pay and will conform to the usual provincial work standards.


This specific class is basically for those with close links to the province who can make handy contributions to the area with the special abilities or training that they possess. Though there are no requirements whatsoever for the candidates for this stream to have a job to be qualified, it is mandatory that a family member in the province offers sponsorship to them.

Apart from this, the applicant’s age must be between 22 and 50 years. He must have adequate English and, or French language skills to reside in the province and fulfill his duties in his intended line-of-work. He must also possess the education, qualifications and, or authorizations required to reside in the province and fulfill his employment duties in his planned job.

He must also reside and do a job in the region. It is also required that the applicant possesses not less than two years of nonstop permanent work experience inside the previous 5 years, in his planned line-of-work in the province. The applicant must also possess the necessary funds to reside in the province.

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