Among the different foreign locations ideal for business/investment purposes, Canada has an edge of sorts. And among the many provinces and territories of the Maple Leaf Country, it is Manitoba which has consistently motivated and shown the path of success to a large number or motivated and go-getting businessmen and investors.

Advantageously situated at the geographic centre of both of these, namely, Canada &North America, it has one of the most diverse economies to be discovered. Manufacturing, mining, and agriculture are the major businesses of Manitoba.

Courtesy its amazingly rich natural resources, massive hydro-electric capacity, highly productive land for farming, well developed manufacturing platform, and resourceful and exceedingly educated people, the province offers a great deal of options to every ambitious investor, hunting for stable economic development and expansion.

Frankly speaking, it’s not rocket science to find why the discerning investors in search of outstanding investment possibilities and an extraordinary quality of life wish to reside in Manitoba and run their business from there.

Manitoba Business Top Advantages

Businessmen and investors get numerous advantages and a pro-business atmosphere in the province. Let’s a take a look at some of the key advantages!


  1. The province is a top diversified economy of Canada, and also its steadiest economic performer.
  2. The province’s 2013 real GDP growth of 2.4% outshone the national average.
  3. The province offers highly competitive tax rates, tax credits for investment in manufacturing equipment and R&D, not-too-high land charges, and perhaps the most reasonable accommodation in the Maple Leaf Country.
  4. Manitoba is the only Canadian province to see private capital investment improvement during 19 of the preceding 20 years.
  5. Capital investment swelled 26% in the province over the previous 5 years, nearly 200% the national average.
  6. Reliable yearly improvement in machinery and equipment investment during the past five years has led to handsome labour productivity gains in the province that are the third most impressive among the provinces.
  7. Manitoba houses a broad and rapidly-growing network of research capacities in biotechnology, engineering, agri-foods &communications.
  8. Manitoba is an important part of the Mid Continent Trade Corridor, with excellent access to a market of more than 100 million individuals.
  9. The province’s electricity charges are among the lowest in the entire North American continent.
  10. The province’s highly refined transportation infrastructure makes possible cost effective and swift delivery of goods to the local and global markets.
  11. The province houses Centre Port Canada. It’s basically a 20,000 acre inland port in the capital, Winnipeg, even as it provides great possibilities for investment for the distribution centres, warehousing, and manufacturing.
  12. Manitoba has 5 universities, 3 colleges and numerous vocational and technical schools that yield a highly educated and trained manpower. As high as 57% of the working-aged local people have successfully done post-secondary education.
  13. Last but not the least, low employee turnover rate in Manitoba gives the firms/business enterprises a great edge over the rivals.


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