The program is currently closed for accepting fresh application.

Picturesquely located right at the center of Europe, the Unitary Parliamentary Republic of Hungary is placed at the intersection between the West and the East, between Asia and Europe.

This Central European Nation boasts of a pretty long and rich legacy even as it one of the most extensively visited European destinations. Brought into existence in 2012, the Hungary Investor Residency Bond Programme provides the candidates with a chain of benefits.

The scheme provides the applicant and his family the chance to move, minus any restrictions whatsoever, inside Schengen, in the process, allowing him to revel in the global reach with, as mentioned just a short while ago, no travel limits or curbs.

Now the benefits points wise!

  1. One has to pay just on one occasion and he can employ the same in his entire life.
  2. The person has to fulfill easy requirements even as he gets personal guidance all through the entire scheme.
  3. The processing is very fast and one gets the prized EU Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) inside just two months. This makes the visa process one of the quickest and most streamlined in the whole world.
  4. The aspirant also gets to include his spouse and his dependent kids and parents. These people can be made a part of the plan 100% free of charge. They also receive their lifespan residence permit.
  5. The total expense is pretty low. A candidate has to give just EUR 360,000 even as out of which EUR 300,000 will be given back, post 5 years. That it is the most inexpensive offer in whole Europe cannot be denied. It really costs just EUR 60,000 for the complete family.
  6. As mentioned before, it is possible to freely travel inside the Schengen nations, minus visa and border control. The visa holder can submit an application for the visa of other nations in Hungary and get easy and quick visas to the UK, the US, Canada and several other nations, applying from Hungary.
  7. One becomes qualified for the citizenship, minus speaking Hungarian, minus stay in the nation, and minus pay tax there in.
  8. On the safety score, Hungary is amazing. The visa holder and his family are 100% safe and secure in the country.
  9. One’s investor is 100% safe since he invests in the nation’s government bonds and given back in full in the wake of 5 years.
  10. The country is a facilitator for European business.
  11. There is just one single petition procedure for the primary candidate and every qualifying family member, comprising parents, minus age checks.
  12. There is no compulsory trips requirement to the nation. One can submit his petition at the relevant Hungarian Consulate or embassy.
  13. Now there is no residential address obligation as it has been removed.
  14. The nation is a member of Schengen, the EU, and the NATO.


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