1. Go to https://college-ic.ca/protecting-the-public/fraud-prevention
  2. The agreement must be maintained between the client and the Licensed RCIC agent. The registration number of the RCIC member must be mentioned in the agreement.
  3. Use of representative Form IMM5476 must be signed with the RCIC agent
  4. Payment Transparency


What are the immigration scams?

CICC has observed many immigration fraudulence in India that is mushrooming in every corner of the country. Many consultancies have provided fake RCIC Agent services and charged hefty costs for an application. Many applicants fell prey to these scams and lost their hard-earned money. CICC released the guidelines mentioned above at the outset of rising cases, and if you follow the steps mentioned above, you can never fall prey to these immigration scams.


Who are the best CICC agents in Delhi?

It is almost impossible to find genuine CICC agents in Delhi, where there are many immigration consultancies without any affiliation with RCIC agents. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. This is where experience and authenticity come in. Since 1994 Abhinav has become a household name in the Global Immigration Arena for providing the most authentic and legal migration methods that strictly follow all the guidelines.

Our affiliation with Mr. Sanjay Sharma (registration number: R709081) is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) based in Ontario. Our clients get complete access to the RCIC services for hassle-free Canada Immigration.


How does Abhinav meet CICC guidelines?

Once you study the steps mentioned above, you will be introduced to many norms that validate the genuineness of an RCIC Agent. We at Abhinav are proud to declare that we meet all these clauses:

  • Out Retainer agreements have the RCIC Number (R709081)
  • Our Retainer agreements are maintained between the client and our RCIC agent Mr. Sanjay Sharma
  • We have the provision of “Use of representative Form IMM5476” that is signed with our RCIC agent Mr. Sanjay Sharma
  • We have a completely transparent Payment procedure with no hidden or additional cost

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