Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Hiring a Canada Immigration Lawyer/RCIC agent

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Question 1

Who is Colin R. Singer?

  • Colin R. Singer is an internationally acclaimed Canada Immigration Attorney.
  • He runs and manages a well-established law firm in Canada, CCIRC, with a team of 30 trained immigration specialists working under him.
  • A brief visit to his Wikipedia page and his profile on is the quickest and best way to know him and CCIRC.


Question 2

Why should I choose a Canadian Immigration attorney instead of an RCIC agent? What is the difference?

  • Amongst the levels of professionals qualified to act as authorized representatives, lawyers are right at the top.
  • A Lawyer’s qualification requires a Degree in Law and intensive work experience.
  • Attorney’s have to undergo formal training, and are governed by a regulatory body. This affiliation is intended to provide the most reliable services to clients.
  • The attorney is a licensed legal professional. This innovation has been introduced to further upgrade the quality of our services.
  • For ABHINAV clients, a team of Canadian immigration lawyers will supervise the entire process leading to submission, follow-up and management of their application with Immigration agencies.
  • If the Canadian immigration authority issues a Request of Evidence, the response to that query will be drafted by an immigration lawyer, and bear the letterhead of the law offices of Colin R. Singer.
  • The factual accuracy and legal backing of this response will be unmatched by an RCIC agent or 3ther representative.


Question 3

How will ABHINAV’S affiliation with Colin. R Singer and benefit my visa application for Canada?

  • In Colin R Singer, you’ll get the services of one of Canada’s most tenured and top ranked attorneys with over 25 years of Practice in Canada Immigration Law.
  • Add to that ABHINAV’s 25 years of experience, you’ll have an unbeatable, unmatchable and seamless blend of consulting and legal advisory services.
  • You’ll receive the full support of a TEAM of 30 specialists in – including lawyers, consultants and technical staff - Canada along with ABHINAV’s team of 300 immigration experts, based in India.
  • is one of the top ranked websites by Google on the subject of Canada Immigration
  • Your application will be reviewed and submitted by the law offices of Colin R. Singer.
  • All communication in this regard will be on the attorney’s letterhead, and where required, they are eligible to represent you in court of law as well.


Question 4

How does ABHINAV and Colin R Singer affliation, compare to the services of our competitors?

By being affiliated with the law offices of Mr. Colin R. Singer, we are now the No.1 consultants in India, having such a unique association and at such an impressive scale, with a Canadian immigration lawyer.

  • To start with if you are planning to file your application using a consultant, ensure that chosen one is qualified to act as an authorized representative. Only licensed Lawyers, Members of ICCRC and Notaries are eligible to meet this definition as per Canada laws.
  • Kindly do not compare our services to agencies and amateur operators who are running their business without an authorized representative on board. 
  • All agreements signed by ABHINAV will carry the name of Mr. Colin R Singer in retainer-ship agreement.
  • If you are considering hiring an Immigration consulting, ask for a copy of the agreement BEFORE making the payment. Either the agreement will carry the name and contact details of the Lawyer or RCIC agent or it should be signed directly in the name of such a lawyer or RCIC agent.
  • If agreement being shown to you does not meet either of these requirements, please do NOT make payment to such cheats because they do not meet the definition of an authorized representative as per Canada laws. Canadian government does NOT deal with a consulting company or agency or an individual who does not meet the definition of an authorized representative. So who and what are you paying for?
  • Here is how some of our competitors CHEAT: On their website or in the marketing brochures, they will mention that they provide services of an RCIC agent and use logo of ICCRC. When talking on the phone or in mail exchanges or during one to one meet, again they will claim affiliation with an RCIC agent and use the logos’ of being a member of ICCRC (regulatory body of RCIC agents). BUT when the agreement they will offer to sign and you may end up signing will NOT carry details of such RCIC agents or their lawyer.
  • In ABHINAV fee, there’re no hidden costs involved. Our pricing policy is very transparent. Unlike our competitors we do not have a separate fee structure for Authorized Representation.
  • We offer options of signing up a one or two year agreement. We also offer options of fee payment by installments as well as down payment.
  • Mr. Colin R Singer and his team will conduct all further communications with visa offices and there is no question and risk of losing any correspondence.
  • All Provincial Nominee Programs are included in our service package.
  • Our fee also includes, uploading of your resumes on our proposed portal ( . This one of its kind portal will be launched shortly. This portal will connect our clients to international employers, free of cost throughout the duration of the contract (1-2 years). Other consultancies charge INR 20,000 to INR 25,000 for only 45-60 days of job assistance services.
  • We also offer excellent optional services such as on-line IELTS coaching and Personal branding services.


Question 5

What questions should I ask before I pay up for services of an Immigration consultant or lawyer?

  • Before you sign up and pay any consultant, ask the following questions of the dealing business manager:
  • Who is their Authorized (Lawyer/RCI agent) representative?
  • If the consultant’s staff / business manager cannot provide the name, then STOP discussions then and there. Simple use of ICCRC logo on their website means nothing if they cannot provide the name of their representative.
  • If they do provide the name, ask whether the retainership agreement you will sign with their consultancy carry the name and contact details of such a RCIC agent or not?
  • And finally, whether they will charge a different fee if they are providing services of an RCIC agent or not.


Question 6

Is the price point for the immigration lawyer’s services higher than the RCIC rates or, for that matter, higher than the price charged by consultants with no professional on board?

  • Immigration should be seen as an investment, not as an expense. One fatal error made by an untrained or amateur consultant can result in your investment going to waste.

When you pay our fee, what you’re actually paying for is:

  • 50 years of combined experience in the immigration industry – between ABHINAV and CCIRC/Colin R Singer/ and the expertise of a legal team of 30 in Canada, and 300 plus in India.
  • Expert supervision of licensed immigration lawyers at each step of the application process.
  • Our process team works until 20.00 hours (8 PM IST), which means that our client’s queries and concerns can be answered even after normal office hours.
  • Our one of its kind Job – will be launched shortly. This portal will connect our clients to international employers, free of cost throughout the duration of the contract (1-2 years). Other consultancies charge INR 20,000 to INR 25,000 for only 45-60 days of job assistance services.
  • Filing of all PNPs is included in our unique service package.


Question 7

Can a lawyer guarantee that my application will be approved by Canadian immigration authorities?

  • Anyone who proclaims an immigration lawyer can guarantee a visa approval is utterly falsifying its statement.
  • The success ratio of your application completely depends on the weightage of your EOI profile, which cannot be influenced by your immigration lawyer or ABHINAV at large. But value additions – outlined in (5) above – does increase the probability of getting a better CRS ranking and thereby chances of getting an Invite to apply after the application is filed in the (EEP) express entry pool.
  • Also, an Immigration Lawyer has a greater level of expertise than a general immigration consultant or RCIC agent or for sure much better than consultants or fly by night operators, without any accreditation.
  • The file submitted under an Immigration Lawyer gives you an edge over others.


Question 8

I had contacted Colin R. Singer’s law office previously from India. How will this affiliation improve an assess to his offices and his legal counsel?

  • Colin R. Singer’s team of immigration lawyers and receive an extremely large volume of queries, all of which cannot be addressed since the information provided may be insufficient.
  • They only cater to a very exclusive pool of clients. By registering with our organization, you can enter this highly privileged group of applicants.
  • The conflicting time zones of Canada and India can cause delay is answering queries. Our process team works night shifts, from 6 PM to 8 PM IST, in order to maintain regular communication with our Canadian counterparts.


Question 9

If I do not wish to avail the services of an immigration lawyer, can you reduce your fee?
Those who offer services at low fee compromise on the scope and quality of services. No other Immigration agency/ consulting company  in India

  • Brings on board 50 years of combined experience.
  • An Immigration attorney of repute of Colin R Singer.
  • Job search within the offered package, thereby increasing probability of better CRS ranking.
  • Flexibility in communication and Long-distance visa application support for clients who cannot manage to visit our offices in India.


Value for money is what we believe in. Our brand name combined with the expertise of Mr. Colin R. Singer provides the necessary momentum and invaluable value addition to your Canada PR visa application.

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