Professionals working as early childhood educators take care of planning and organizing scheme for preschool and school-age children. Early childhood educator assistants render care and guide preschool children under the directions of early childhood educators. Early childhood educators and assistants direct children in activities to foster and assist their intellectual, physical and emotional growth.

These professionals find employment in child-care facilities, kindergartens, nursery schools, establishments for outstanding kids, and other establishments which provide early childhood education services. These people can also work independently.

Main duties

A typical list of obligations of early childhood educators involve taking care of following tasks

  • Preparing and applying daily schemes that support and foster the progress of kids
  • Encouraging kids to participate in activities by narrating stories, teaching songs, giving demos about using simple musical instruments, setting up craft materials and giving demos on using them, offering chances for creative expression with help the media of art, dramatic play, music and physical fitness, and taking the children to local points of interest
  • Guiding and helping kids in the developing adequate eating, dressing and toilet habits
  • Assessing kids for indications of learning handicaps or emotional issues and taking suitable actions
  • Evaluating skills, abilities, inclinations and requirements of kids
  • Discussing progress or issues being faced by kids with parents and other staff members
  • Preparing and maintaining coordination with other community service agencies working with kids
  • Participating meetings and workshops to foster and talking about new teaching techniques
  • Planning and organizing activities for school-age kids in child-care schemes before and after regular schooling time
  • Carrying out supervision and coordinating activities of other early childhood educators and early childhood educator assistants.

A typical list of obligations of Early Childhood Educator Assistants involves taking care of following tasks

  • Carrying out and observing activity schemes planned for kids
  • Encouraging kids to participate in activities by narrating stories, teaching songs and preparing craft materials
  • Preparing and serving snacks
  • Arranging rooms and furniture for lunch and rest periods
  • Helping kids in fostering proper eating, dressing and toilet habits
  • Submitting written evaluation about kids to supervisors
  • Participating in staff meetings to deliberate on progress and problems of children
  • Helping supervisor in maintaining records
  • Keeping day-care apparatus and helping in housekeeping work

Employment requirements

  • To qualify as Early childhood educators you should be a
    • Graduate or at least hold a diploma in early childhood education
  • To qualify as Early childhood educator assistants you need to have completed secondary school
    • Practical exposure in child care as a babysitter is needed
    • In certain cases successful accomplishment of early childhood education assistant certificate program is deemed necessary

Example Titles

  • Aide, Daycare
  • Aide, Nursery School
  • Assistant Ece
  • Baby-Care Worker
  • Baby-Care Worker Assistant
  • Baby-Care Workers Supervisor
  • Child Care Worker – Daycare
  • Child Care Worker Assistant
  • Child Care Worker, Daycare
  • Co-Op Daycare Co-Ordinator
  • Co-Ordinator, Co-Op Daycare
  • Co-Ordinator, Daycare
  • Daycare Aide
  • Daycare Attendant
  • Daycare Co-Ordinator
  • Daycare Helper
  • Daycare Supervisor
  • Daycare Teacher
  • Daycare Worker
  • Daycare Worker Assistant
  • Early Childhood Assistant
  • Early Childhood Education Worker
  • Early Childhood Educator – Junior Kindergarten
  • Early Childhood Educator – Kindergarten
  • Early Childhood Educator – Preschool
  • Early Childhood Educator (E.C.E.)
  • Early Childhood Educator Assistant
  • Early Childhood Educator Assistant – Junior Kindergarten
  • Early Childhood Educator Assistant – Kindergarten
  • Early Childhood Program Staff Assistant
  • Early Childhood Program Supervisor
  • Early Childhood Supervisor
  • Ece Assistant
  • Educator Assistant – Junior Kindergarten
  • Helper, Daycare
  • Helper, Nursery School
  • Infant Daycare Workers Supervisor
  • Infants` Daycare Worker
  • Nursery School Aide
  • Nursery School Helper
  • Nursery School Teacher
  • Preschool Helper
  • Preschool Supervisor
  • Teacher, Daycare

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