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Yukon Business Nominee Programme Minimum Eligibility Requirements

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This extensively used plan was brought into existence for those people who have established business experience,and who wish to launch a new firm/venture, partner with an existing firm/venture, or obtain and manage an existing firm/venture in Yukon. It is expected from the candidates that they will make a handy and noteworthy investment in their firm/venture based in the Canadian territory.

Yukon Business Nominee Programme Minimum Eligibility Requirements

A candidate interested in making the cut for the Yukon Business Nominee Programme must:

  1. Possess 5 years of relevant experience in a high-ranking management position or direct business experience in a business comparable to the planned business.
  2. Put forward a bio-data, financial statements, the letters of reference and other certificates/papers as proof backing his experience. Employment experience as either a manager or a worker does not essentially show the capability and needed skill to possess and run one’s own firm/venture.
  3. Be armed with a minimum net worth of not less than 500,000 Canadian Dollars, duly authenticated by a Yukon accounting company and comprising liquid assets of a minimum of 300,000 Canadian Dollars. Liquid assets comprise some assets, like hard currency, and cash derivatives in the form of demand deposits, term deposits, and tax shelters changeable to money, besides publicly traded stocks and bonds.
  4. Have made a trip to the Yukon not less than once and be in a position to validate an understanding of Yukon’s venture/firm and social atmosphere. For the length of this call, it is compulsory that the candidate meets an official of the Nominee Plan.
  5. Prove that he possesses adequate communication expertise in either of these languages, namely, English or French, with a view to appropriately manage a firm/venture in the territory.
  6. Intend to be vigorously involved in the everyday supervision and running of the firm/venture.
  7. Make an equity investment in the firm/venture in the amount of not less than 150,000 Canadian Dollars, which must purchase not less than 33.33% of the firm/venture.
  8. Get a minimum total of 65 points on the Nominee Assessment Grid (comprising not less than 10 points for language know-how.
  9. Offer evidence that the claimed net worth and liquid assets has been acquired, via lawful methods.
  10. Present a Resettlement Plan proving his resolve to begin Yukon residency.
  11. Aim to reside, on a permanent basis, in Yukon and energetically run a venture/firm in the region.

Business Plan

It is presented in the wake of the candidate getting endorsement theoretically on suitability and on his planned venture/firm. The same must comprise a comprehensive business plan that sketches how the aspirant will create a successful business enterprise in one of the businesses mentioned on the Strategic Sector List. As mentioned before, it is required that the aspirant shows a minimum 300,000 Canadian Dollars investment in the venture/firm with not less than 33.33% or one-third possession. Apart from this, the candidate must prove active and continuing supervision of the venture/firm.

Added Conditions for Year 1 in Territory as Nominee

Post landing in the territory, it is mandatory that the nominee has a compulsory meeting with an YBNP agent. In case delays take place it is compulsory that the nominee notifies the YBNP bureau at once. Furthermore, it is mandatory that the nominee’s residency and start-up procedure start straight away. Each and every legal certificate/paper backing such movement ought to be given to the YBNP, and documentation exhibiting evidence showing proof of business actions is needed across the year. Every nominees must meet with YBNP worker or be called on-site (firm/venture or house) on a three-monthly basis.

Last Sanction for Support of PR

It is mandatory that the nominees complete the needed requirements through the two year work time-frame with a view to be supported by YBNP in their petition made to the IRCC for Permanent Residency. After the nominee gets the letter of the concluding approval, it is obligatory that he submits an application to the IRCC for PR inside a period of three months. It is the responsibility of the nominees to guarantee they have a legal Work Permit until they get the PR position standing from the IRCC.

A person must furnish evidence of these with a view to be mulled over for nomination to the IRCC:

  • He lives in the territory.
  • His venture/firm in Yukon is running.
  • He has fulfilled all the terms & conditions for investment.
  • He has fulfilled the meeting terms &conditions.

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