Crack the IELTS with our Online IELTS Coaching Module

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is widely recognized English Language Examination that is used to evaluate the linguistic proficiency of the candidate. This medium of English test is used by almost all the authorities associated with Skilled Immigration, Relocation, Business Migration, Work Permit and Overseas Education. Considering the different modules such as speaking, listening, reading and writing in the test, the process of an IELTS exam may look difficult. But don’t you worry, Abhinav has it covered for you!!

Abhinav has a panel of CELTA Certified IELTS Training Coaches dedicated for providing comprehensive training for all the Immigration seekers and Overseas Education Aspirants.

What are the benefits of IELTS Coaching?

  • You will have your own objective assessment of your English language abilities.
  • With online IELTS classes, you will gain better knowledge of the English language and can enhance your skills in Speaking and Writing.
  • With precise study material and constant training, you can score better scores of bands required for Immigration or International Education.
  • Having a target set, you will be motivated to study harder and improve your competencies
  • You will be awarded certification that is widely recognized by thousands of authorities, institutions, companies and professional bodies around the world.

How does IELTS help you migrate?

For every immigration seeker, it is a thumb rule to score high marks in the English Language Proficiency Examination. These scores can make or break the immigration application. Higher the scores, higher is your chance of getting selected by the Immigration authorities. If an applicant appear for IELTS Examination without any training, 9 out of 10 times, he / she will end up with low IELTS Scores.

In this digital era, it is fairly easy to enroll for IELTS Coaching according to the hours of training and price. With proper IELTS training from the experts, you can attain the much needed band scoring. These scores will help you get high immigration points which will guarantee your immigration.

How Abhinav can you help you with IELTS Coaching?

  • Abhinav Immigration is the Industry Leader since 1994 by carrying out comprehensive Immigration solutions and advising ideal customized immigration program for each client.
  • Abhinav IELTS Coach will train you individually to prepare you for the speaking, listening, reading and writing modules of the IELTS test.
  • These four skills will be extensively covered in the 24 sessions, including mock tests and live classes with a duration of 60 minutes
  • Our IELTS Coaches are CELTA Certified Industry Veterans who will provide all the tips, hacks and strategies to crack the IELTS for Canada immigration or any other country and get you closer to your desired score.

How the IELTS training is conducted?

One-on-one Training Session

  • IELTS preparation and training conducted by CELTA Certified Trainers and highly experienced trainers.
  • Mode of training - Online
  • Flexible Timings - 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Number of Hours - 24 sessions of 60 minutes each and 6 hours of self-Learning on a Learning Management software developed by CELTA Certified Trainers.
  • Eligibility criteria for one-on-one training:
  • Payment - Additional charges of 15000 + GST has been paid and the agreement for the same has been signed by the client
  • Must be received in full before IELTS training begins
  • IELTS one-on-one training cannot be made part of running offers.


Please note: if the above criteria is not met, then the individuals shall receive Group Training Sessions with a student to faculty ratio as 10:1

Group Training Session

  • Training conducted by CELTA Certified Trainers and highly experienced trainers
  • Program - 30 Hour Schedule
  • Group Sessions
  • Student to Faculty Ratio - 8:1 maximum 10:1
  • Weekend Training - Available
  • All Group sessions will be of 90 minutes each
  • Mode of training - Online through ZOHO Webinar
  • Only 2 sessions of the Program can be re-scheduled, if missed by the student; anything beyond that will not be entertained.


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