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Nova Scotia Nominee Programme Entrepreneur Stream FAQs

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What is the Nova Scotia Nominee Programme (NSNP)?

It is basically an immigration plan using which the Canadian province in question chooses skilled workforce and experienced entrepreneurs who want to reside on its soils and obtain Permanent Residency (PR) of the nation.

What is Nova Scotia Nominee Programme Entrepreneur Stream?

It is essentially an excellent immigration scheme for skilled business proprietors or high-ranking business managers, who aspire to start or attain a firm/enterprise in the province, and who aim to offer fairly dynamic and ongoing participation in the regular supervision & direction of the same.

Are there any charges to submit an application to the NSNP?

Not at all! You do not have to pay any kind of provincial application charges.

What different options one has under the scheme?

Under the plan, it is possible to make the cut under any of these classes, namely, the Skilled Worker Category, the International Graduate Category, the Family Business Worker Category, the Community Identified Category, and the Non-dependent Child of Nova Scotia Nominees Category.

How can recruiters/firms and possible skilled immigrants use the category for job purposes in the province?

Recruiters/firms can employ the ESDC’s Job Bank to publicize their job-openings, and also any other present online job boards or other recruitment procedures as per their convenience and preference. The Nova Scotia Office of Immigration (NSOI) frequently takes part in different recruitment operations across the globe and throughout the nation with Nova Scotia recruiters/firms, community associates, and business groups. The target is to promote the NSNP and assist with the hiring of the qualified manpower.

How does one decide in case a work is a skilled opening?

The NSPNP considers a line-of-work to be a skilled profession in case the same comes under the National Occupation Classification (NOC) levels 0, A or B even while preference for the NSPNP is given to these higher skilled professions.

What exactly is the National Occupation Classification (NOC)?

It is essentially a nationally accepted reference for classifying and fathoming the different Canadian professions. More than 40,000 job titles are duly consolidated into 500 group descriptions.

Who is accountable for the charges linked with ushering in the overseas employees to the province?

Candidates are in charge for meeting the expenses linked with immigration. Job providers/firms are not answerable for taking care of any kinds of expenses. They can choose to provide help though, in case they want.

What must be made a part in an employment offer for an overseas employee?

It is mandatory that an offer of work is from a listed Nova Scotia recruiter/firm. While the Work Permit will be employer specific, it will be restricted to the worker who is offering his professional services in a particular position, for a particular recruiter/firm. It is also compulsory that the offer is addressed to the aspirant and these are listed, namely, the firm’s contact particulars, job title and narrative (obligations &responsibilities), experience needed for the opening, specific start date (and end date in case pertinent), and income and advantages being given.

What types of salaries should the recruiter give?

The recruiter must provide reasonable salaries and benefits, on the basis of the labour market information, and give working conditions equal to Canadian standards in that specific line-of-work. It is possible to find labour market details for the province on the Job Bank.

How long does it take for a petition to be processed at the Nova Scotia Office if Immigration (NSOI)?

The characteristic processing time for a 100% completed petition is roughly 3 months or above.

Is it compulsory for an overseas employee to get Permanent Resident position before they may start offering their services for a recruiter/firm in Nova Scotia?

Not at all! The holder of a Temporary Work Permit will be permitted to offer his professional services through the time period mentioned on the Work Permit.

Can a recruiter dismiss an immigrant worker?

The job-provider is 100% free to discontinue a working relationship in case an immigrant worker fails to fulfill the job conditions, or in case they have no options except to sack him, thanks to a layoff. However, while doing so, it is required that the job-provider follows the processes given in the Nova Scotia Labour Standards Code. In case the worker happens to be a nominee, the NSOI requires being notified of this change in position.

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