The economic growth and expansion of the Canadian Province of British Columbia depend on having sufficient trained and qualified individuals to fulfill the labor market requirements. The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is a manner for the high-demand overseas manpower and knowledgeable entrepreneurs to obtain Permanent Residency in the region with the processing times that are conclusively quicker, in relation to other Canadian immigration streams up-for-grabs.


BC PNP Skills Immigration is categorized into the following categories:


The region’s developing economy needs trained manpower in high-demand professions. The category is for those who have obtained a qualified employment offer in a skilled line-of-work, in a professional, technical, management, trade, etc., and it is a way to get Permanent Residence in the province.

With a view to making the cut, it is mandatory that you first agree to a legally valid employment offer from a local BC recruiter/firm. Having applicable training and many years of experience in your skilled occupation is also required. 

Health Care Professional Category: The province requires more skilled healthcare professionals. And so the category assists experienced trained physicians, nurses, specialists and associated health experts put your valued skills to work in the province in return for Permanent Residence standing and handsome wages therein. It is compulsory to have a qualified offer of employment for any of the 11 qualifying health works.

International Graduate Category: If you have graduated with a valid qualification from an eligible Canadian university or college during the previous three years, this category is for you. It will assist you to obtain Permanent Residence in the province. It is compulsory to have a job offer from a local BC recruiter to be entitled under this specific sub-category.

International Post-Graduate Category: If you have a graduate degree with Masters or Doctoral degrees in the natural, applied, or health sciences programmes of study from an eligible educational institution in the BC establishment, it will be really a good idea to advance your career in the province’s rapidly developing technology, healthcare, and applied sciences segments. This category may assist you to get Permanent Residence in the province. The category’s USP is that you don’t require any sort of job offer to present a petition.

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category: Employees in some specific entry-level or semi-skilled positions in food processing, tourism/hospitality, or long-haul trucking, or those in entry-level or semi-skilled positions residing and doing a job in the Northeast Development Region of the province, may be eligible for movement via the programme. This programme is a way for such workers to obtain Permanent Residence in the province. With a view to making the cut, it is required that you first agree to a legally valid offer of employment from a local BC recruiter/company.

Important: This category is not entitled to the Express Entry BC category. And presently, the province is not admitting the semi-skilled aspirants.


The Express Entry BC supports the Canadian Federal Administration’s Express Entry immigration selection arrangement, permitting qualified candidates to get priority processing of both their BC PNP petitions and in the case offered a nomination, their petitions for Permanent residence.

The Skills Immigration Section of the province nominates a maximum of 1,350 skilled candidates for Permanent Residence under the Express Entry BC PNP Stream.

These Skills Immigration categories may be processed through Express Entry BC, namely, the Skilled Worker Category, the Health Care Professional Category, the International Graduate Category, and the International Post-Graduate Category. And for 2017, the allocation is 6,000.

News Update

BC Presently Carrying-out Tech-Only Immigration Draws

In what could be called a development that matches a recent drift among other Canadian provinces’ measures to prioritize the would-be immigrants in the Information Technology (IT) segment, the province has lately started carrying-out tech-only immigration draws via the BC PNP. And, since the month of May, the BC PNP has carried-out six tech-only draws under what is called the BC PNP Tech Pilot Plan.

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