Are you an ICT Business Analyst also known as BA (ICT) and/or Business Consultant (ICT) and keen to work overseas? If YES, you would be perhaps glad to know that Australia requires professionals like you even as your line-of-work finds due mention in the 24 vocations in the Australian & New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) 261111.

You could make the cut for a lower required pass mark in your points-grid work permit evaluation, and for priority processing, to fast-track your submission filed for work permit.

What ICT business Analyst Does

Among others, he:

  • Works along with the clients to devise and document business needs;
  • Identifies and examines inefficiencies and advises best possible business practices, and functionality of system and behavior;
  • Identifies, examines, and studies business procedures, processes & work practices employing project management techniques, standards and codes to develop project diagrams, and to cost, source & handle projects;
  • Takes accountability for installing practical solutions; and this includes formulating, adopting and putting into practice system test plans, which makes certain suitable the quality & reliability of the system;
  • Forms client & training documents, and undertakes the prescribed training classes;
  • Employs data & process modeling ways to create clear system arrangements, for the blueprint and creation of the system software;
  • Develops functional arrangements for usage by system developers; and
  • Acts as a central reference & information, source, offering supervision and help in the system project managerial procedures.

Expertise Level

This vocation has a level of skill, which is proportionate with a Bachelor Degree or bigger qualification. A bare minimum of 5 years of applicable experience may replace the official qualification. In certain cases, germane experience and/or first-hand training may be required, along with the prescribed qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

Program Qualifications

The aspirants in this vocation could be eligible for trained movement, via these visa-schemes: Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), Temporary Business (Long Stay) (Subcategory 457), & Points Based Skilled Migration Permit.

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