Much like other Canadian provinces and territories, the province of Alberta runs its own Provincial Nominee Programme, and it is called the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Programme (AINP). It is basically an excellent economic immigration scheme managed by the Provincial Administration with the Federal Government’s Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The AINP backs-up the region’s economic development and progress via drawing and maintaining those who are ready to work in the province. A person, on selection, acquires an Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate even as this makes the rest of the immigration procedure speedier for him.

AINP How Does It Function?

Those who receive a nomination from Alberta, together with their significant other/common-law partner & dependent kids, have a right submit an application for Permanent Residence (PR), via the IRCC, as a provincial nominee. And, the Canadian immigration body takes the conclusive decisions on every petition submitted for PR.

The AINP provides attractive choices for both trained and semi-trained manpower. You may be in a position to submit an application either on your own or with your recruiter/firm.

Check the streams and categories given here under, and opt for the best option up-for-grabs!

The AINP nominations are not given for the object of receiving extensions for the Temporary Work Permits.

It is compulsory that you maintain a legally valid Work Permit throughout the AINP petition and evaluation procedure. The requirement does not come into play ONLY in the case of the aspirants under the Strategic Recruitment Stream Engineering Occupations Category.`



You can present a petition to the Alberta PNP in two different manners. You may send an Expression of Interest (EOI) in a direct manner to Immigration Alberta minus going via the Express Entry arrangement. In case you get nomination via the path, you may then present a petition for Permanent Residency in the nation via Express Entry. You can do this by duly uploading your provincial nomination qualifications/authorizations into the platform.

The other choice for you is to start the course by generating a new profile for Express Entry. After you are through with this, you may then express an interest in the AINP in a direct manner, via the system. In case you get an Alberta nomination, you will accordingly obtain 600 points on your Express Entry total, and this will remarkably swell your chances of obtaining an Invitation to Apply (ITA) through the following draw for Express Entry.


Under this class you do not require a recruiter/firm to support your petition to the AINP.

  1. Compulsory and Optional Trades Category

Those who presently live in the province and have a legally valid Work Permit may submit an application in this AINP sub-category, provided they have either a Recognized Trade Certificate or an Alberta Qualification Certificate. It comprises supervisors, foremen and tradespeople who are doing a job in the province in a line-of-work that is regarded an obligatory or optional occupation.

  1. Engineering Occupations Category

Skilled Engineers, drafters, and designers may present a petition via this Alberta PNP sub-category provided they possess previous employment experience in the province even as their job comes under any of the 12 particular nominated professions of the AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream Engineering List.

  1. Post-Graduate Worker Category

This sub-category is for the graduates from a qualified Canadian post-secondary educational establishment in the province, and who are doing a job there in on a legally valid Postgraduate Work Permit in an eligible line-of-work.


This stream enables the recruiters/firms to nominate manpower for the AINP Scheme. It enables them to retain the employees that are well settled into their business and are already familiar with the work style of everything.

The stream has three sub-categories, namely, Skilled Worker Category, International Graduate Category, and Semi-Skilled Worker Category.

  1. Skilled Worker Category

It is mandatory that the candidate has a full-time permanent employment offer from a recruiter/firm in the province. It is also obligatory that both the worker and the B recruiter/firm are considered qualified to be able to positively submit an application in this specific PNP category.

  1. International Graduate Category

It is for the graduates who did their studies at an entitled Canadian University or post-secondary education institution and who have been offered a full-time, permanent job by a recruiter/firm situated in the province. It is required that both the worker and recruiter/firm fulfill some particular terms & conditions to be judged as suitable for the APNP.

  1. Semi-Skilled Worker Category

For this sub-category, it is required that the candidate has obtained a full time, permanent employment offer from a recruiter/firm based in the province. The workers and also the targeted and nominated recruiter/firm have to fulfill different requirements to be entitled to this sub-category.

Latest Update

New Opportunity Stream Comes Into Force

As per latest updates, a new immigration stream, called the Opportunity Stream has started admitting petitions as of January 2, 2018, under the AINP.

The new Opportunity Stream will offer a pathway to Permanent Residence in the country for the overseas manpower doing a job in the province. Much like other streams of the AINP, it’s basically a base PNP stream, and the petitions will be processed completely outside the Express Entry selection structure. Those who emerge successfully will end up with a provincial nomination, and they can utilize it to submit an application for Permanent Residence.

Opportunity Stream will supplant two AINP streams, namely, the Employer-Driven stream and the Strategic Recruitment Stream. The processing of the previously submitted petitions under the Employer-Driven and the Strategic Recruitment Streams will continue post-January, 2018, despite the fact new petitions will not be entertained anymore.

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