Evolution in computer and information technology has increased the demand for software engineers and designers. However, with the rise in the demand, the competition has also increased and you will find many youngsters making a career in this profession so much so that it has now almost reached a saturation point. That is why; qualifying for software engineers and designers Canada immigration program is very difficult. For ensuring better success in your efforts, you must take help of expert immigration consultants such as  Abhinav outsourcing who  with all their experience, expertise and goodwill in this profession ensure that that you reach your destination.

Requirements for Software Engineers and Designers

As software engineers and designers, you need to posses minimum graduation degree in the field of engineering. Having relevant experience of five or more years in a supervisory position is considered an added advantage. Candidates with master’s and doctorate degrees are given more preference for higher positions. You need to get a license from the provincial or the territorial association of engineers for being eligible to work as an engineer in Canada. It is very much important that you must have completed your engineering degree from an accredited or recognized institution or university.   

Expectations from Canada Immigration for Software Engineers and Designers Candidate

As a software designers and engineers, you need to design, research, integrate, evaluate and also maintain the software applications. You will be expected to take care of technical environments, embedded software, operating systems, telecommunications software and information warehouses. Candidates belonging to this field are employed in information technology development and research firms, consulting firms, and the units of information technology all through the public and private sectors. You can also work as a self-employed individual in this field.

How to qualify for the immigration program

The competition is quite tough and you have to be very savvy and smart to get an entry into the Canadian land. The immigration officials accept your candidature for the immigration program based on points you score in the point based evaluation system of immigration. During this evaluation, along with your educational qualification, experience, the standard of the university from where you graduated and the fluency in either of their national language-French or English there are several other factors that are considered important.

More important are the way you present your documents and papers. The officials do not entertain an incomplete application or blank spaces in the application form and there are chances that your application might be rejected in the process. That is why; it becomes very important that you consult an expert who will guide you on all such important things. Abhinav outsourcing is one such renowned and famous immigration consultancy that has been providing advice to aspiring immigration candidates since 1994 and has successfully managed to help them fulfill their dream of living and working in Canada or Australia.

So, if you are interested in going to Canada and working there you need to contact the expert consultants.

Example Titles
  • Application architect
  • Artificial intelligence (ai) designer
  • Artificial intelligence designer
  • Computer applications engineer
  • Computer software engineer
  • Computer telecommunications software specialist
  • Design engineer, software
  • Designer, software
  • Embedded software engineer
  • Engineer, software
  • Simulation software design engineer
  • Software architect
  • Software design engineer
  • Software design supervisor
  • Software design verification engineer
  • Software designer
  • Software engineer
  • Software systems designer
  • Software systems integration engineer
  • Software technical architect
  • Software testing engineer
  • Specialist, telecommunications software
  • Supervisor, software design
  • Systems applications engineer
  • Systems architect
  • Systems designer – software
  • Systems engineer – software
  • Systems integration engineer – software
  • Technical architect – software
  • Telecommunications software engineer
  • Telecommunications software specialist
  • Test engineer, software
  • Testing engineer, software

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