Engineering professionals specializing as Electrical and Electronics Engineers carry out tasks related to developing, preparing plans, carrying out R&D, assessing and examining electrical and electronic apparatus and devices. These professionals can have specializations in various domains including electrical installations for residential, commercial or industrial installations, electrical power generation and transmission, and instrumentation and control networks.

These people find employment in agencies providing electrical services, communications agencies, producers of electrical and electronic machinery, consultant agencies, and various private and government sector companies involved in production, development and transportation.

Main duties

A typical list of obligations of Electrical and Electronics Engineers involve carrying out listed tasks

  • Carrying our studies into the viability, design, functional aspect and performance of electrical production and distribution systems, electrical apparatus and parts and electronic communications, device installations and control machinery, apparatus, and parts
  • Developing material costing and timing forecasts, reports and design parameters for electrical and electronic systems and apparatus
  • Defining and preparing electrical and electronic systems, parts, systems and devices
  • Carrying out micro or nano-devices dry runs, preparing descriptions, process modeling and adaptation whole designing new electronic apparatus and devices
  • Monitoring, controlling and assessing commissioning process, alteration, analysis and functioning of electrical and electronic machinery and processes
  • Preparing and defining maintenance and operational  parameters for electrical and electronic networks and apparatus
  • Assessing and examining electrical or electronic snags
  • Making agreement papers and assessing tenders for construction or maintenance
  • Monitoring and controlling tasks of technicians, technologists, programmers, analysts and other engineers.

Employment requirements

To qualify for this scheme, you need to have 

  • A graduation in electrical or electronics engineering or in a relevant engineering subject
  • Post graduation of a PhD in relevant subject
  • To practice in Canada, you need to obtain an approval endorsement  from a designated regulatory body

Example Titles

  • Analogue amplifier design engineer
  • Antenna engineer
  • Audio engineer – electricity and electronics
  • Avionics engineer
  • Broadcasting professional engineer
  • Chief electrical engineer
  • Chief electronics engineer
  • Chief engineer – electric power
  • Chief engineer – radio and television broadcasting
  • Circuit design engineer
  • Control systems engineer
  • Design and development engineer, electrical and electronic systems
  • Design engineer, electrical
  • Design engineer, electrical power systems
  • Design engineer, radio and television broadcasting systems
  • Digital circuit design engineer
  • Displays and controls design engineer
  • Distribution planning engineer, electrical
  • Electrical and electronics research engineer
  • Electrical design engineer
  • Electrical distribution engineer
  • Electrical energy transmission engineer
  • Electrical energy transmission planning engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Electrical engineer, process control
  • Electrical equipment engineer
  • Electrical network engineer
  • Electrical power scheduling engineer
  • Electrical power systems design engineer
  • Electrical research engineer
  • Electrical systems planning engineer
  • Electronics engineer
  • Electronics research engineer
  • Electronics test engineer
  • Engineer, avionics
  • Engineer, electrical distribution planning
  • Engineer, electrical energy transmission
  • Engineer, electrical energy transmission planning
  • Engineer, electronics
  • Engineer, instrumentation
  • Engineer, instrumentation and control
  • Instrumentation and control engineer
  • Instrumentation engineer
  • Line construction engineer
  • Low voltage equipment engineer
  • Meter engineer
  • Metrology engineer
  • Microelectronics engineer
  • Overhead electrical distribution engineer
  • Planning engineer, electrical energy transmission
  • Planning engineer, electrical systems
  • Process control engineer, electrical
  • Process instrumentation engineer
  • Professional engineer, broadcasting
  • Protection engineer, electrical systems
  • Protective relay engineer
  • Radar engineer

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