Professionals specializing as Managers In Natural Resources Production And Fishing carry out tasks related to planning, organizing, regulating, monitoring and assessing the functions of companies involved in forestry and logging, mining and quarrying, oil and gas drilling, extraction and servicing functions, and commercial fishing.

Main duties

A typical list of obligations of Managers in Natural Resources Production and Fishing involve executing some or all of the tasks

  • Supervising and assessing functions in forestry, logging, mining, quarrying, or oil and gas extraction or in services to logging, mining and oil and gas industries, or in commercial fishing
  • Offering suggestions for operational changes to higher management when necessary to make it sure that production targets and process are achieved
  • Defining and devising production reports for assessment by higher management
  • Conferring with other managers to establish production goals, to plan drilling sites and to devise practice guidelines for the removal of raw materials
  • Assessing optimization of production sites to identify adequateness of workforce, apparatus and techniques applied, and make alterations to work time table or devices as per requirements
  • Make it sure that safety guidelines and parameters are strictly complied with
  • Appoint workers and supervise training requirements
  • Regulate ancillary activities like the construction of access roads or temporary living quarters.

Employment requirements

  • To qualify as Forestry managers, you need a graduation in forestry science or forest engineering.
  • To qualify as Mining and quarrying managers, you should be a graduate in mining engineering or earth sciences.
  • To qualify as Oil and gas managers, you need to be a graduate in geology, earth sciences or petroleum engineering.
  • You also need to carry a complimenting trade exposure as a supervisor in the specific industry are usually required. Relevant practical exposure  can supersede academic requirements.

Example Title / Rank

  • Director Of Mining
  • Director Of Mining Operations
  • Drilling Operations Manager
  • Fishing Operations Manager
  • Forestry And Logging Manager
  • Forestry Operations Manager
  • Gas Field Operations Manager
  • Logging Production Manager
  • Manager  Of Mining Operations
  • Manager, Drilling Operations
  • Manager, Fishing Operations
  • Manager, Forestry And Logging
  • Manager, Forestry Operations
  • Manager, Gas Field Operations
  • Manager, Logging Production
  • Manager, Mine
  • Manager, Oil Well Drilling
  • Manager, Oil Well Servicing
  • Manager, Peat Bog
  • Manager, Production – Coal Mining
  • Manager, Quarry
  • Manager, Raw Materials Production
  • Manager, Woodlands
  • Mine Manager
  • Mine Superintendent
  • Mining Operations Director
  • Mining Operations Manager
  • Oil And Gas Drilling Superintendent
  • Oil And Gas Fields Production Manager
  • Oil Well Drilling Manager
  • Oil Well Servicing Manager
  • Peat Bog Manager
  • Production Manager – Coal Mining
  • Production Manager, Oil And Gas Fields
  • Quarry Manager
  • Quarrying Manager
  •  Quarrying Operations Manager
  • Raw Materials Production Manager
  • Shore Captain – Fishing
  • Superintendent, Mine
  • Superintendent, Oil And Gas Drilling
  • Superintendent, Underground Mine
  • Superintendent, Woods
  • Underground Mine Superintendent
  • Underground Mining Superintendent
  • Woodlands Manager
  • Woods Superintendent

People qualifying as Managers In Natural Resources Production And Fishing  can now place their requests for permanent residency of Canada through the federal skilled workers schemes under the trade code 0811. This country has an abundance of opportunities for competent people.

To qualify for this trade, you should have a minimum of graduation in a relevant discipline. You are alsoe required to carry a relevant complimenting trade exposure. You should be preferably under 44 years in age. 

Besides this, a score of 67 in critical profile analysis is deemed critical for selection of your profile for federal skilled worker scheme.

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