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Singapore Immigration FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) Please provide me with the basics of the Singapore Landed PR (Permanent Resident) visa.

The Singapore Landed Permanent Resident (LPR) scheme allows the applicant, working and living overseas, to apply for Singapore Permanent Residence. This program is meant for you if you are highly qualified with experience and have a unique set of skills. The applicant must be top of the order executive or manager or high highly qualified academically with exceptional scores from renowned Universities/Academic Institutions or performing responsible tasks for world renowned transnational companies to be eligible to make an application under this scheme. Your field of specialization/skills should ideally be in short supply in Singapore and thus, enable you to make unique contribution to Singapore economy and society.

(Q) What are the factors that are considered while assessing the application under the LPR Scheme?

An applicant must be 45 years or younger, with a tertiary qualification i.e. a Bachelors Degree or/and above and not working in Singapore. He must meet one or more of following criteria to be eligible under the program:  

  • His occupation should be sought after and would continue to be in demand in the near future, specifically in terms of employment opportunities in the nation.
  • If he is still pursuing his degree or has just completed his higher education, the University should be among the 100 best universities of the world and the field of study should be highly sought after.
  • As an employed professional, you must have a work experience of the highest standards and must be among the top professionals in your field.

While applying for Singapore Landed Permanent Resident visa, you are permitted to include your immediate family members. The immediate family members can only include your spouse and unmarried children. However, your children must be below 21 years of age.          Free Assesment

(Q) Does LPR confer PR status on the successful applicant?

A Landed PR In-Principal Approval, if obtained, does not confer an applicant a PR status unless he/she could fulfil the condition stipulated by the ICA within a year. In most instances, this condition would be taking up employment in Singapore. This means that prior to fulfilling the condition, the status of a Landed PR holder in Singapore is that of an ordinary social visitor. Thus, getting a job or successfully settling down in Singapore (through self -employment or business) is one clear way of removing this condition. In practice, as long as the applicant has physically relocated to Singapore, rented or purchased a residential property, have admitted his children to schools in Singapore, authorities would be willing to grant him the Singapore PR status. Non-serious applicants who want to have best of both the worlds retain their current jobs and assignments and also retain Singapore LPR are best advised not to apply under the option.

(Q) What is the duration of the confirmed PR status in Singapore?

Normally, the PR status is granted for five years initially and renewable thereafter as long as one continues to reside in Singapore. One is eligible to apply for Singapore Citizenship after two years of obtaining your PR status.

(Q) What is the average application processing time for Singapore Landed Permanent Resident (PR) visa?

The average processing time for Singapore Landed PR (Permanent Resident) application is 6 months or more. Some of the "Singapore Landed PR applications" have been pending decision for more than a year. Beware of consultants who promise Singapore Landed PR within 3-6 months. Normally, that is not the case! A practical view would be an application processing time of 6-12 months from the date of lodgement. If the Landed PR application is long outstanding, a follow-up with ICA will be requested, till a decision has been received. Our services end when an outcome decision has been received.

(Q) I seem to be eligible to apply for Singapore Landed PR application? Does it mean guaranteed approval?

No. While ABHINAV is extremely cautious about accepting applications that are likely to meet the qualifying criteria, the discretion to accept or reject the application lies with Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). One interesting aspect of the ICA decision making process is that it will not offer any reasons for refusal. Therefore, it makes sense to take all the necessary precautions while filing the application. In Immigration Consulting business since 1994, ABHINAV has critical understanding of assessment criteria that Immigration authorities across the world follow. This understanding comes out of years of research, attention to details and knowledge of industry, immigration laws, country specific demographic, critical skills needs. More so, forceful presentation of our client`s credentials and why he/she is the right candidate in the category we are making the application under also add to it.  Free Assesment

(Q) What is the documentation attestation process for making an application under Singapore Landed PR?

The applicant is personally required to visit the nearest Singapore overseas mission with all the photocopies of the originals and get them certified. This will be done by the applicant at his cost. The applicant will need to call in advance and take an appointment for the purpose. He/she must take all the original documents and passports along at the time of visit. After the certification is done, ABHINAV will courier/mail-in the complete set of Landed PR application together with fee bank/demand draft to the designated Singapore Government agency.

(Q) What is the fee payable to the Singapore government appointed agency? What are the additional expenses?

With the application, a fee of SGD 1500 (1 SGD = INR 35 approximately) is payable to the Singapore government appointed agency. The processing fee is non-refundable. In addition, the applicant pays a standard fee of SGD 200 per person at the time of final reporting (stamping) and completion of formalities. This fee is payable only after the application has received In-Principal Approval. Thus, post In-Principal Approval, a family of two could be paying a fee of SGD 400 towards the completion of formalities. Thus, it is an expensive application process.

Fees for certification of documents are payable separately to the Singapore Mission where the documents are certified. Applicant may also incur costs in getting English translation of non-English documents that form part of his application. These translations must be done by an approved translator.

(Q) What is the concern area related to dependent male children?

A male applicant may include his wife and unmarried children below the age of 21 as dependants in his application. A female applicant can only include her unmarried children under the age of 21 years in her application. Husband of a female applicant will have to apply on his own merit. The principal applicant is exempted from national service. However, all healthy male children that are granted PR status through their parents must register for national military service when they reach the age of 16 and a half. They will be required to serve 2 years of full-time National Service followed by 40 days of Operationally Ready National Service per year until the age of 50 (for officers) or 40 years (for other ranks).

(Q) What are the key documents that are required while filing an application under Singapore Landed Permanent Resident Visa?

Besides the normal forms and case specific documents; the applicant, spouse and accompanying children must provide copies of passports, birth certificate, transcripts related to educational and professional qualifications, translated documents into English (if documents are not in English) by an approved translator, employment reference letters, salary slips for the last 6 months, income tax returns for at least the last 3 years and marriage certificate. These are the basic documents required for filing the application. In addition, there will be case specific situations that ABHINAV shall address for registered clients.          Free Assesment

(Q) Who should apply under the Singapore Landed Permanent Resident (LPR)?

An ideal applicant would have a few years of experience, unique skills or project a work experience that makes him eligible to contribute positively to the Singapore economy and society.

Applicants with experience in research with Postgraduate and Doctorate degree qualifications get special attention under this scheme. Those in senior most executive positions, young age immaterial would get preference over those who are at lesser responsible positions.

Those holding degrees such as Bachelor`s, Masters or a Doctorate are encouraged to apply. However, the Diploma holders might not have a great chance unless they hold a significant position/designation. Following occupations have excellent chance of meeting the requirements and qualify under the program.

Manufacturing Sector

Engineering Degree holders in Mechanical, Chemistry, Chemical, Civil, electrical, Computer Science, Environmental, Aerospace, Marine, Petroleum, Naval, Avionics, Information Technology, Nano Technology

Construction Sector Engineering specialists in Civil, Construction, Design, Bridge, Geo-technical, Structural, Quantity Surveyor, Testing and Commissioning

Information Communication and Digital Media Industry

ICT specialists - Analyst Programmer, Chief Information Manager, Database and Systems Administrator, Game Producer and Programmer, IT analyst, Architect and Consultant, Software Architect and Software Engineer, 2D and 3D Artist, Animator, Director - TV/Video/Film, Event Industry, Sound and Light Specialists, Screenwriter, Storywriter, Storyboard Artist, Visual Effect Artist          Free Assesment

Tourism and Retail Industries

Lighting Designer, Production Manager, Set Designer, Sound Designer, Stage Designer

Finance Industry

Chartered Accountants, Risk Manager and Controller, Compliance Officer, Trust Professional, Shipping Financier

Healthcare Industry

Doctors, Dieticians, Occupational Therapist, Pharmacists, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Physiotherapist, Radiation and Respiratory Therapist