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Lithuania - Your Gateway to Europe

Located picturesquely and advantageously on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, the Republic of Lithuania is the southernmost of the three Baltic States. It also happens to be the biggest& the most densely inhabited of these three states.

Courtesy its remarkable geographical location, and the truth that it’s an astonishing gateway to Europe, the amazingly beautiful nation is rapidly emerging as a top immigration destination throughout the globe. With enormous & priceless resources spread across the length and breadth of the nation, the probable business immigrants to the country could be greeted with an unexplored goldmine.

It was the first occupied Soviet republic to cut its ties from the latter, only to re-establish its independence and autonomy, through the announcement of independence way back on March11, 1990. Post breaking away from the former USSR, the country has seen a constant progress and all round growth. From a plethora of well-paying employment options to augmented trades, the immigration hotspot is experiencing a flood of unmatched growth.

To become an important part of this country is not a very difficult job; in fact, it’s a stress-free and enjoyable voyage for the new aliens. In general, the nation’s inhabitants are educated; they have a remarkable cultural & religious background even while they have a rather open-minded policy and outlook towards all. The Lithuanian establishment in power is unbiased and the multi-party, parliamentary democracy offers every real possibility to everyone—whether one is a native or an immigrant.

Lithuanian Residence Permit

Temporary Residence Permit

The country is an astounding immigration hotspot for employment, study, and/or residence objects. The nation provides Temporary Residence Visas (TRVs) to the skilled businesspeople & entrepreneurs, if they successfully fulfill its eligibility conditions. A Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) in the nation is basically a document allowing a person, who is an outsider, to live in the country for a maximum of one year.

The permit holder can stay anywhere across the country, change his place of dwelling, leave the nation, & come back inside the time-frame of the visa’s validity. However, it is essential that the visa holders--who aim to go away from the nation, for a period of 6-plus months--duly notifies the concerned officials about the same well in advance. A TRP is typically proofed for duration of 12 months.

Significantly, there is no need whatsoever of any specific/minimum requirement/employment experience and/or qualification, or travel background to submit a submission for the TRP for Lithuania. Still, the candidates, having good academic &specialized credentials, would be favored over others. Possessing English language proficiency would be considered an asset. The aspirants’ business experience and personal net worth, not to mention his planned business blueprint, would prove critical.

In his capacity as a Lithuanian Temporary Residence Permit holder, the migrant is entailed to submit a submission for Permanent Residence Permit for Lithuania; of course, in the aftermath of satisfying some conditions, like clearing the national language exam, and successfully maintaining his residence stay for the original5-year period.

Why Some Lithuanian Temporary Residence Permit Petitions Are Dismissed?

  1. Candidate is deemed a threat to national security/country’s health/public plans.
  2. Certificates/papers are presented in an in appropriate and bogus way.
  3. Involved Lithuanian Immigration bureau is unimpressed with the aim & purpose of the permit-submission, or the likelihood of the aspirant’s success in the Baltic nation.

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