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Lithuania Immigration

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Lithuania - Your Gateway to Europe

Lithuania--the name at once conjures-up the image of a beautiful European country with hills, waters and greenery all around. Picturesquely and strategically situated on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, Lithuania is fast becoming an immigration hotspot, thanks to its striking geographical location, and the fact that it’s a wonderful gateway to Europe.

With vast valuable resources lying at every corner, the potential business immigrants to the country may witness a virginal goldmine to be duly explored, after turning-up on the nation’s soils. Since it broke away from the erstwhile USSR way back in 1991, the nation has witnessed a stable progress. From a plethora of attractive employment choices to augmented trades, the Baltic nation is witnessing a Tsunami of growth.

As far as becoming a part of this nation goes, frankly, it would be a rather hassle-free and enjoyable journey for the fresh visitors. The nationals of Lithuania--by and large--are literate with impressive cultural & religious backgrounds, even as they have a tolerant approach towards others. As if taking a leaf or two, the nation’s ruling establishment is also unprejudiced even as the multi-party, parliamentary democracy provides every real chance to all--natives and the immigrants.

Lithuanian Residence Permit

The largest and also the most densely populated of the three Baltic States, the Republic of Lithuania proffers Temporary Residence Visas to the experienced businessmen & entrepreneurs, provided they successfully cater to its eligibility prerequisites. It’s an amazing immigration destination for work, study or residence purposes.

It’s vital for the aspirants to know that no particular /minimum requirement/ work experience and/or qualification, or major part travel background, is needed to file a petition for the Lithuanian Temporary Residence Permit. However, preference would be given to those possessing nice academic & professional credentials. Further, having English language skills would help. In short, the candidates’ business experience and personal net worth--besides his proposed business blueprint--would prove decisive.          Free Assesment

As a proud holder of Lithuanian Temporary Residence Permit, the migrant may duly file a petition for the Lithuanian Permanent Residence Permit, post catering to certain prerequisites, such as successfully sailing through the national language exam, and suitably maintaining his residence stay for the initial 5 five years.

Lithuanian Temporary Residence Permit Rejection Grounds

  • Aspirant is regarded a threat to national security/ nation’s health/public policies.
  • Documents/papers are improperly submitted or presented in a forged manner.
  • Concerned Lithuanian Immigration bureau is unconvinced of the object and objective of the submission or the chances of the candidate’s success in Lithuania.

How Can Abhinav Help You

Our skilled Lithuanian documentation experts & Lithuanian advisors can help you realize your Lithuanian dreams. They would make certain that not only your visa-submission is complete in every way, but also that best available document is presented for the purpose, in the process, eradicating--or at least minimizing--all chances of Lithuanian visa refusals.

Contact us at or fill-in our Free Assessment Form, and/or just send across your updated bio-data to us.