Lithuania pdf Lithuania Temporary Resident Permit

Option 1: Visit Lithuania To File Application

  • Company incorporation formalities in Lithuania are carried out. We guide you on all required areas, get all documents signed and do all required filing.
  • Principal applicant visits Lithuania to file the application with immigration office at Vilnius.  For this purpose, the applicant must apply for visit visa to nearest Lithuanian Embassy. Applicant must ensure to file the visit visa application with appropriate documents and after proper research and exchange or along with a personal or business invite.
  • Unmarried may go alone for the visit while married have a choice to go with spouse or alone.
  • Married have a choice to make application for self as well as spouse or all alone. Each adult person who applies must have company and working agreement with the company. It hold true for the applicant as also the Spouse.
  • If married and the applicant want TRP approval for both self and spouse, then spouse should be accompanying him during the visit.
  • During this visit the principal applicant can also open company bank account. Till such time the applicant is not a TRP holder, opening of bank account process can take around 3-5 working days and even more at times. 
  • Post filing of application in Lithuania, the applicant comes back to his country of origin and waits for decision on his application for temporary resident permit.
  • Applicants having longer stay visa need not come back during the visa validity. They can in fact continue to stay on Lithuania and wait for TRP approval. If TRP approval happens while they are staying on a legally valid status, they can come back with TRP in hand!
  • Ideally the applicant needs to be in Lithuania at least 5 working days (Monday-Friday). For application filing one just needs few hours in a working day. But opening bank account can take 3-5 days. It may be added that opening bank account is not a necessity unless one needs to meet requirement for deposit of 50K litas (around Euro 14,500) so that spouse can make also make TRP application as a second director.
  • The application processing will takes around 16-24 weeksfrom the date you file in person.
  • Applicant(s) will get intimation on decision on the filed application for temporary resident permit. If the application is approved, then the applicant(s) will then apply to Lithuanian Embassy for a visit visa.
  • Applicant(s) will then fly into Vilnius to formalize the TRP, after 10 days applicant can collect ready-made TRP card in person.
  • With TRP in hand, the applicant can initiate settlement procedures – make arrangement for residential accommodation ( temporary/permanent) etc and (if married and if so desired) make plans to call spouse and children. TRP for self does not give right to get TRP for spouse. Spouse has to pass same procedure as mentioned in foregoing lines. Accompanying Children can apply for and get automatically with parents.
  • If applicant (if married), wishes for a TRP for spouse, he/she must deposit at least 50K Litas           (Around Euro 14,500) in the company account. The spousal application is being filed as a shareholder/director of the company and increasing paid up capital will make him/her eligible to file her TRP. Unless this paid up capital enhancement is not done, he/she will not be able to make her TRP application.
  • Applicant, if desiring to do so, can then invite the spouse to visit Vilnius and file the TRP application. From here on same process – as has been followed by the applicant, to get the TRP will be repeated.  Spouse will visit and file application for TRP. Spouse then comes back and revisits again to collect the TRP once it is approved.
  • The money deposited in the company account belongs to the company and can be towards company business operations including directors’ salary.
  • If applicable, Dependent children (below 18 years) can accompany parents (on visit visa) when they are going to collect their TRP’s and their TRP will be applied and issued when they are with their parents in Lithuania. All need to apply same time if they wish to get same time, in first application time of man he must fill information that he want to bring children, or when spouse apply.
  • At various stages applicant will be required to make payment for visit visa fee (around Euro 60 onwards) and TRP visa fee (around Euro 80 onwards) per person. The fee is to be paid at actual and to the visa/immigration office. The fee is subject to change without any notice.
  • Applicant will be incurring travel expenses for visit to Lithuania (first to apply and then to collect the visa) and related boarding and lodging expenses during these visits.
  • Our consulting fee includes TRP services for both spouses and children and excludes all visa fee (TRP and visit) and travel (for multiple visit to Lithuania and back), boarding (for visit to during visit to Lithuania) related costs.
  • Overall application processing time under this option could be around 3-6 months when above procedures are followed. The time is to be counted from the date of filing at immigration office in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Option 2: File The Application At Local Lithuanian Embassy/Consulate

Under this option, the application is prepared and filed at Local Lithuanian Embassy. The Embassy then forwards the application to Immigration Office in Vilnius, Lithuania. The Immigration office reverts with decision to the Embassy and the Embassy then let the applicant know about the decision. IF biometric facilities are not available at Local Embassy, the applicant may have to fly down to Vilnius to collect TRP Card. Overall application processing time could be around 6-12 months though normally "informed" application processing time frame is around 6 months.


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