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How to Immigrate to Singapore from India

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Singapore is termed as one of four Asian tigers owing to stable and progressive economy. Every year thousands of aspirants migrate to this island nation to seek better future and a quality life. This island nation has been consistently receiving a juicy share of Indian immigration aspirants every year.

If you are contemplating an idea of moving to this island country, it is essential to have a thorough briefing on procedures and ways to get a successful entry and eventually a permanent residence.

Singapore migration statutes permit emigration under

  • Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Worker scheme (PTS program)
  • Investor program
  • Artists and talented people
  • Landed permanent resident program (LPR)

Most of programs except PTS require substantial funds or qualifications and recognition on global basis. If you are not one of those globally acknowledged people and neither you have substantial wealth then you can gain entry into Singapore on basis of what we generally term as skilled migration i.e. PTS

Immigration though PTS can be classified into 2 major phases

  • Entering into country on basis of entre permit or EP
  • Filing for and securing permanent residence

Employment permits (EP)

EP is a work permit granted to          Free Assesment

  • Overseas professionals
  • Personnel
  • Managerial staff
  • Directors and proprietors of Singaporean corporates

It is free of annual sealing on number of grants. EP applications are assessed on basis of profiles of both employing Singapore based organization as well as aspiring migrants.

Entrepreneur Permit (Entre Permit)

This program was adopted by authorities in 2004 with objective to encourage overseas business proprietors with essential funds and business expertise who would be interested in establishing and running a business in country.

To obtain this permit you would need to supply a detailed business plan in not more than 10 pages in length and also substantiate your

  1. Business track record
  2. Intention
    • To establish an organization registered in Singapore
    • Of infusing a minimum of 30% share capital in the proposed organization which has paid-up capital of at least S$50000

EP or Entre Permit is extendable permits with 1-2 years of validity. The types of permits issued depend on wages offered to migrant’s i.e.

  • P1: Basic wage above S$8,000 per month
  • P2: Basic wage in range of S$4,500 and S$8,000 per month.
  • Q1: Basic wage in range of S$3,000 and S$4,500 per month

Permanent residence

This process can be initiated in 6 months to 3 years depending on kind of permit. You must submit salary statements of previous 6 months along with request for PR. Time frame generally thought to be appropriate for filing PR is

  • P1: 1 year
  • P2: 2 years
  • Q or S: 3 years

PR request is evaluated by authorities on basis of

  • Academic achievements
  • Period of residence in person in country while being on EP or entre permit
  • Job profile
  • Employing organization’s profile
  • Character background
  • Financial health etc.          Free Assesment